Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers Love Music Together SoHy (FREE Demo Class & Discount!)

Have you heard of Music Together, the highly-popular early childhood music and movement program that parents rave about but which seemed to only be available outside the Route 1 corridor? Well, we’re in luck! Local music guru Ellen Kliman is bringing Music Together to Hyattsville with weekday and weekend classes that start this month! Even more luck: You can check out an upcoming Music Together SoHy demo class for FREE and make use of a special discount for Route One Fun readers! 

Playing the drums at Music Together SoHy

About Music Together

Music Together is a great, fun, research-based music and movement program for children ages 0 – 5 years old and the adults who love them! How do I know this? Because we took a Music Together SoHy session last fall and I was truly taken aback with how my otherwise shy, little lady positively responded to the class and its rhythmic format.

Music Together SoHy

I’ve taken my wee one to other music classes. More times than not, she clings to my leg, usually only warming up (and allowing for my circulation to return) about 5 minutes before the class ends. This time, though, she sat with me in the beginning and was then up, singing, moving and waving ribbons around with the rest of the class.

Playing the drums at Music Together SoHy

So what’s different this time? In a word: Ellen. Through simple exposure to songs, rhythms and instruments, Ellen’s gentle approach reassures us all that music education is something we all can do well together. By starting each class with circle time and the familiar “Hello Everybody” song, young ears and minds find comfort in familiar songs and patterns. (Receiving a CD of the original songs to later play at home also definitely helped build this comfort!) Mixing up the class up with instrument play and movement helps keep the children engaged as they develop their fine and gross motor skills shaking tambourines, patting their hands on the drums, playing xylophones and twirling in the air!

About Ellen, Director of Music Together SoHy

Ellen Kliman is the Director of Music Together SoHy. If her face looks familiar, it’s likely because you’ve seen this beloved local music teacher and Hyattsville mom of two around town.

Ellen Kliman, Director of Music Together SoHy
Ellen discovered the magic of Music Together after taking her two children to Music Together classes when they were younger. From baby to preschooler years, her children loved clapping, marching, and singing along to Music Together’s research-based medley of songs. As a music teacher, Ellen loved how these classes provided families with a fun, comfortable way to make and explore music with their children. What she didn’t dig so much, though, was having to drive quite a distance just to attend these classes. So, as us moms do, Ellen solved this problem by becoming a Music Together teacher and is now offering classes in two locations along the Route 1 corridor!  

Music Together SoHy – Spring Classes

Tuesdays and Fridays, 9:30 am at University Christian Church, Hyattsville
Sundays, 10 am & 11 am at Ballet, Tap and All That Jazz, Hyattsville

Prices range from $175 to $195 for a full session, with sibling discounts available. Register here.

Free Demo Classes Coming Up!

Free demo classes will be this Friday, April 5th and Sunday, April 7th. Can’t make these dates but still want to try a Music Together SoHy class? No worries! Demo slots are also available in classes throughout the spring session. Sign up for a demo here:   

Discount for Route One Fun readers!

Route One Fun readers can get a $20 discount for the spring sessions! Use the code “RouteOneFun” at checkout.

Thank you to Music Together SoHy for sponsoring this post to get the word out to Route One Fun readers about your great music & movement classes! And thank you, dear Route One Fun readers, for supporting local businesses that support Route One Fun!

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