University Town Center Hyattsville Carnival 2019

If you’ve driven past Hyattsville’s University Town Center recently (perhaps on your way to Safeway or the liquor store. Or likely both, knowing you – and me ;), you may have noticed some roller coaster rides, games and the like setting up in the parking lot facing East-West Highway. That’s right. A carnival’s coming to town!

University Town Center Carnival

From April 3rd to April 14th, the Jolly Shows Carnival will be at Hyattsville’s University Town Center. As before, this event will be full of tilt-a-whirls, Viking boats, bumper cars, and funnel cakes. Since many folks have asked about this upcoming event, sharing some pictures from this post about the UTC Carnival and information on what to expect this year.

Carnival at University Town Center, Hyattsville

Address, Hours and Ticket Information

Address: 6515 Belcrest Road, Hyattsville
Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday: 6pm-11pm; Saturday: 1pm-11pm; Sunday: 3pm-11pm
Ride Tickets: Single tickets:  $1.75 each;Book of 30 tickets:  $40.00; Book of 50 tickets:  $60.00.
*Rides Take 3-5 Tickets
Carnival Hyattsville University Town Center 2019

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