Route 1 Mamas & Papas: Finding & Building Community

One of the things that drew us to the Route 1 area of Prince George’s County, Maryland, was – and remains – its welcoming sense of community. Neighbors in University Park who lend a hand when you need that cabinet fixed. Friends in College Park who hurry over with the spice you forgot for tonight’s dinner. Neighbors in Hyattsville who coordinate neighborhood potlucks and Vine Crawls just to hang out more. These folks and all the communities in between make life along Route 1 a very special thing.

Finding Community Along the Route 1 Corridor

But what do you do if you’re new to the area and haven’t yet found your community? Moreover, what if you’re in the sleepless throws of new parenthood and could really use some friendly help deciphering your newborn baby’s cries but you’re feeling isolated and not sure where to start? Well, this post is for you, new parent. Route 1 is the land of bountiful listservs and active playgroups, where folks eager to meet new people and make new friends. Take a look below and get to meeting some new friends and families!

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Listservs and Online Communities for Route 1 Parents

The following is a list of online groups focused on the needs and interest of local families. Some of these groups restrict membership to those who live in the noted area while others are open to all. While some of the groups are more active than others, they all started as a place to serve and support their local community, so if you have a question, we’re sure you’ll get some sort of answer. And if not, just enter it in the comments below and we’ll do what we can to connect your dots.

Cheverly Parent
Description: “The CPRC exists to support Cheverly parents and their children by organizing appropriate family events, identifying and disseminating parenting resources, and creating a collaborative community amongst our membership.” * CPRC hosts morning playgroup three times a week; Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridaysfrom 10:00am-12:00pm. And we have started a new weekend playgroup on Sundays from 2:00pm-4:00pm.

Greenbelt Mamas and Papas
Description: “A way for mamas and papas in the Greenbelt area to meet and support each other. This yahoo group allows the exchange of news and ideas, so the members can set up playdates, discuss parenting issues, etc.” Also a closed Greenbelt Mamas and Papas Facebook Group here.

Hyattsville Nurturing Parents
Description: “A Hyattsville community dedicated to supporting parents with information, resources, and a social outlet for them and their young children.” You must live in Hyattsville to be a member of this group.

Mocha Moms Inc., Northern PG County Chapter
Description: “A national support group for mothers of color that started here in Northern Prince George’s County, MD.”

Mount Rainier Mamas & Papas
Description: “A Facebook group to support the community of Mount Rainier, Maryland’s parents and families. While this group is specifically geared towards parents, but other community member supporters are welcome to join.” 

Route 1 Moms
Description: “A safe space to connect, receive support, offer advice, and vent about all things related to being a mom. Hopefully we can have meet ups for walks or play dates and etc.”

Southern Prince George’s County Mocha Moms
Description: “Our primary purpose is to support and encourage mothers who are making parenting and family a priority in their lives.”

Takoma Mamas & Families
Description: Takoma Mamas and Families is a support group and local resource for new and experienced parents in the Takoma DC and nearby MD area.

University Park Playgroup
Description: “Parents / caregivers in University Park, MD, and neighboring areas are invited to join the UPplaygroup. This is an easy way to organize playgroups, share information / events of interest, and to discuss parenting issues.”

Did we miss any? Enter information in the comments below and will update ASAP. 

Playgroups & Meetups Along the Route 1 Corridor

In addition to connecting with folks by any of the virtual method above, you can also connect with new parents and families at some of these local gatherings and playgroups.

Open Gym Play Date:

Tuesdays from 10am – 12pm at College Park Youth & Family Services, 4912 Nantucket Rd, College Park.

Route 1 Parents Meetup:

Thursdays from 12pm – 2pm at Numi Yoga in College Park. A gathering space for parents and their kids. All are welcome. See studio schedule here for updates.

Riverdale MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

Mother’s of Preschoolers (MOPS) a gathering of mom’s of pregnant – 6 yr olds. Meetings are twice a month (September – May) with potluck breakfast and free childcare. Playdates scheduled also. Gatherings held in Solid Rock Church in Riverdale, MD. (Thanks to Shawnte McQueen for sharing this info!) Find us here on Facebook, too!

Mommy & Me March Events at Holy Redeemer (Just this March)

Wednesday, 3/13 at 10:30am enjoy free Mommy & Me craft time. Friday, 3/22 @ 9:30am enjoy free Mommy & Me Music Time; Monday, 3/25 @ 9:30am enjoy free Mommy & Me Story Time. All at Holy Redeemer, 4902 Berwyn Rd, College Park. To register or ask questions, call 301-474-3993.

Did I miss any? Enter information in the comments below and I’ll update ASAP. 

More Ideas for Weekday Fun Along Route 1

For more ideas on fun weekday events to explore, check out this post on Monday morning Rise & Rhyme at Busboys & Poets in Hyattsville and Friday morning Storytime at the Waterhole in Mount Rainier. Updated Route One Fun Weekday Activities Guide coming soon, too!

Did we miss any? Enter information in the comments below and will update ASAP. 

Introducing the Route 1 Parents Series!

Get excited! This debut post kicks off our new Route 1 Parents series, devoted to highlighting resources and programs of interest to Route 1 moms, dads and families! Upcoming posts include a Guide to Local Daycares Along Route 1, Resources for New Moms and more! Got an idea or a topic you’d like for us to cover? Enter it in the comments below and we’ll get to work!


Because we’ve been in the new parent trenches before, we know how hard and isolating it can feel. We also know how much lighter things feel when you’ve got a friend, another new parent, to connect with and speak to about it all. Hopefully you’ll make a new connection and meet a new friend off of some of these listservs or at some of these local events. Best of luck to you!

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  1. Hi, I do attend, and it’s ahhhhhmazing. Kids go to nursery, but if they are timid, they are welcome to stay with you. MOPS is an international org, so after 2 visits, you may be asked if you’d like to join. Memberships is $35 a year, and the swag alone is worth it!

  2. Mother’s of Preschoolers (MOPS) a gathering of mom’s of pregnant – 6 yr olds. Meetings are twice a month with potluck breakfast and free childcare. Playdates scheduled also. Gatherings held in Solid Rock Church on Riverdale, MD.

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