Bella Lifestyle Nail Salon in Riverdale Park to Open Sunday, 3/24

Take three! Bella Lifestyle Nail Salon & Spa reached out to let this little birdy know that they’ll be opening up the Riverdale Park Station location on Sunday! Specifically, this Sunday, March 24th from 11am – 6pm. We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting this opening and honestly can’t imagine the state of your nails right now. (We kid.)

Beauty Services at Bella Nail Salon (including for kids!)

A look at the service menu on the Bella website shows that they’ll offer number of nail options as well as massage therapy, waxing and more. They’re also offer services for children under 10, including pint-sized manicures for $10 and pedicures for $20. As the mother of a budding fashionista, I’m looking forward to checking this service out with milady.

Bella Lifestyle Nail Salon & Spa: A Welcome Addition to Riverdale Park Station

The Bella Nail Salon will be a welcome addition to the growing mix of shopping, dining and fitness options at Riverdale Park Station. For a quick roll-call, we’ve got:

What retail, restaurants, programs (or whatever else) would you like to see at Riverdale Park Station? We know the folks there have sought input from the community so appears that they’re indeed open to suggestions. Enter your recommendations in comments below and we;ll share with the folks at Riverdale Park Station!

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