Uptown Cheapskate Coming to College Park Spring 2019

More news about new businesses opening up along the Route 1 corridor: Uptown Cheapskate is coming to College Park this spring! This fashion resale franchise will be opening up a store in one of the retail spots of College Park’s Monument Village.

Thrift & Consignment Uptown Cheapskate, Coming to College Park this Spring!

Uptown Cheapskate buys and sells name-brand apparel, shoes and accessories. Similar to Buffalo Exchange, Uptown Cheapskate makes its money buying and selling clothing and accessories purchased from its customers. (Practically speaking, one makes an appointment to sell their gently used, clean clothing, store decides which ones it wants then provides cash or store credit for same. Uptown Cheapskate then turns around and sells the clothing to new customers at a price less than full retail.)

A peek inside Uptown Cheapskate College Park as of October 2018.

Photo:Uptown Cheapskate College Park

Uptown Cheapskate: Teen and Young Adult Fashion

According to the website, Uptown Cheapskate markets to teenagers and young adults. That said, I’ve been to the Uptown Cheapskate in Rockville a number of times and have never been turned away for being neither a teenager nor a young adult. 😆 So, you do you and all will be well. 👊

Uptown Cheapskate will be located at 9122 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740. (Just north of The Jerk Pit.)

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