Kids & Adults Fitness, Personal Training with Cheverly’s Greenleaf Fitness (FREE CLASS!)

Great variety of adults & kids fitness classes at Greenleaf Fitness!

Have you heard of Greenleaf Fitness, a woman-owned exercise studio in Cheverly that offers a great variety of exercise classes for adults and kids? (There’s even a kid-friendly class where you can bring your child to play alongside as you exercise! No babysitter necessary! 👏) Well, now you can check Greenleaf Fitness out as they’re offering a FREE FITNESS CLASS for Route One Fun readers (details below). 😊 From HIIT, cardio dance, circuit training, PiYo, kickboxing and more for adults to movement, games, dance and activity classes for kids ages one through twelve, Greenleaf Fitness offers something for everyone!

Read on for more information about this great woman-owned, local business from Anna Smith, the owner, fitness guru and mom behind Greenleaf Fitness (and for FREE CLASS promotion code)!

About Greenleaf Fitness:

Greenleaf Fitness strives to offer exercise and fitness to everyone. We believe health isn’t about fitting into a certain box or looking a certain way; health is a total sum of how you feel! Our team of highly trained instructors and trainers are moms, community volunteers and crazy busy like the rest of us! Our classes offer a safe place to go if you are new to exercise or are an exercise enthusiast. The best part is – you don’t have to join a gym to stay fit; just attend one of our many awesome classes! Our schedule is especially designed with you in mind, offering classes that fit around your busy schedule!

Adult Classes at Cheverly’s Greenleaf Fitness

From Insanity (fast paced HIIT class) to Rise and SHINE (circuit training) to CORE DE FORCE (high-energy kickboxing) to CIZE (cardio dance) to Strength (intentional movement with devotions, strengthening inside and out) to Silverleaf (low impact chair-based exercise class designed for seniors) to Fit Together (fun way to exercise with kids in tow), there’s something for everyone at Greenleaf Fitness!

Greenleaf Fitness Cheverly Maryland
Greenleaf Fitness Cheverly Maryland
Adult Exercise Classes at Greenleaf Fitness

Adult Classes: Drop in Rate: $12 per class; FitPass: $100 for 10 classes (take any 10 classes for $10 each); Monthly Membership: $150 (take unlimited adult classes each month).

Kid Classes at Cheverly’s Greenleaf Fitness

At Greenleaf Fitness, we believe it’s important to offer classes for children of all ages; that’s why we’ve built a program with fitness classes for kids as young as one (walkers) up to twelve years old! Especially during these cold winter months, our kids classes are a great, fun, affordable and local way to help your child stay active and fit!
Kids fitness classes at Greenleaf Fitness Cheverly
Greenleaf Fitness: Making Exercise Fun!
Mighty Kids (Ages 6 – 12): Teach your child the benefits of daily activity though fun games, challenges and teamwork while having FUN! We build confidence as we work on gross motor skills as well as enhancing hand/eye coordination.
Creative Movement (Ages 4 – 6): Taking a relaxed approach, this class teaches your child elements of jazz, ballet, hip-hop and modern dance.
Mighty Munchkins (Ages 3 – 5): While running, jumping and everything in-between, this class works on your child’s gross motor skills while teaching of the benefits of daily activity though fun games, challenges and teamwork!
Little Leaps (Ages 2 – 4): This class is for independent toddlers who are ready to come into class without a parent. Playing games, practicing dance moves and making new friends, kids enjoy a healthy dose of imaginative play as they use their whole bodies to explore the amazing things toddlers can do!

Wiggle Worms (Ages walking to 2): This class helps foster independence while developing gross motor skills through fun games and activities.

About Anna Smith, Founder of Greenleaf Fitness:

Hi! I’m Anna Smith, the owner of Greenleaf Fitness as well as a busy mom to three amazing kiddos! After having 3 babies in 4 years, my body and mind were not in the best shape. I decided I needed more strength and direction, so I took the scary leap to become a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, where I found my passion!

Anna Smith Greenleaf Fitness Cheverly
Fitness Guru Anna Smith, owner of Greenleaf Fitness

With every client, I take the time to listen to their concerns and work with them to develop an individualized programs that will help them reach their goal. As a certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Youth Exercise Specialist and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, I know to take special care when clients have suffered injuries or are dealing with certain muscle or diet imbalances. My gentle yet firm approach has helped many reach their goals and find their inner strength!

Try a Greenleaf Fitness class for FREE! 👏💰👏💰👏💰👏

Now through January 24th, register here to try a new adult class or here to try a new kids class and enter the code “653124842169” and your class will be free!

Greenleaf Fitness is located at Cheverly United Methodist Church, 2801 Cheverly Ave, Cheverly, MD 20785.

Thank you to Greenleaf Fitness for sponsoring this post to share the good word about your local business. And thank you, dear Route One Fun readers, for supporting the businesses that support Route One Fun! 😍

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