Inside Upper Marlboro’s HUGE Dutch Village Farmers Market

Chocolate-covered bacon. 😋 There are no more words.

Bacon & Pretzels: A Peek Inside the Dutch Village Farmers Market

Does chocolate-covered bacon make your heart sing? And do freshly made, buttery and salty pretzels make you so happy you’re by yourself and don’t have to share your treat with anyone? Well, such was my experience at the Dutch Village Farmers Market in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Sure, they also have a ton of things that are actually healthy for you – like fresh, seasonal produce, steroid-free meats and cheeses (as well as handmade furniture that you cannot eat 😉) – but the delicious bacon and freshly made pretzels are what prompted me to share the good word about this Prince George’s County farmers market with you all!

Dutch Village Farmers Market Upper Marlboro

Huge, Indoor, Year-Round Farmers Market in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

The Dutch Village Farmers Market is HUGE, 30,000 square feet to be precise. Roaming the aisles and checking out the goods reminded me a bit of Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market, though not as bustling an experience and with far fewer vendors. Even so, exploring the aisles and engaging with many of the 13 different Amish and Mennonite vendors who travel weekly from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to sell their goods was a good time.

Dutch Village Farmers Market Maryland
So many kinds of popcorn to choose from! 
Dairy-a-plenty at Dutch Village Farmers Market

Fresh Produce, Cheese, Meats and Desserts

Now, I know we’ve got a number of great, local farmers markets along Prince George’s County’s Route 1 corridor to choose from, including the Cheverly Community Market, Greenbelt Farmers Market and Riverdale Park Farmers Market – so why make time to check out yet another farmers market? Because (1) exploring is good for the soul and (2) I was totally serious about the great bacon and pretzels. And now if you’re exploring Upper Marlboro, called there for jury duty or to get fingerprinted ahead of your PGCPS student’s field trip, you’ve now got a new-to-you place to check out!

Dutch Village Farmers Market = HUGE.
A carnivore’s dream
Pickles & Preserves
A ton of apples to choose from

Homemade Furniture & More at Dutch Village Farmers Market

While about two-thirds of this Farmers Market is made up of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and baked goods, the other third is devoted to furniture and crafts like homemade tables, chairs, quilts and this cuckoo clock. Which I adore! And my birthday’s coming up soon…. 😊

💖 this cuckoo clock
Hope you enjoyed this virtual step inside the Dutch Village Farmers Market! Which farmers markets in Prince George’s County do you frequent? Share in the comments below!

Upper Marlboro Dutch Market is located at 5030 Brown Station Road, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. Open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Check website for hours.

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