Hyper Kidz: Awesome Indoor (Unlimited) Playground for Kids!

With the holiday weekend ahead of us, thought I’d drop some knowledge on (and a DISCOUNT CODE for Route One Fun readers to) Hyper Kidz, an ultimate, super-duper fun indoor playground in Columbia, Maryland that’s perfect for kids to climb, slide, carousel, bounce, jump and run all around! (And you’ll be thrilled to learn that it’s located just behind Black Flag Brewing Company – because I also care about your needs. 😜)
Hyper Kidz Indoor Playground


Step Inside Hyper Kidz Indoor Playground – Big Kid Zone!

When you step inside Hyper Kidz, you’ll see that there are actually three kids play zones with fun indoor activities, each targeting different age groups. The Big Kid Zone is for kids ages 3-13 and includes a massive jungle gym, three tall, long slides, a ball blaster, ramps and more. This is where my 8 year old spent the most time – running through the jungle gym, climbing the kids’ ladder to the slide and then sliding down as fast as he could – just to do it all again!

Hyper Kidz Indoor Playground
Hyper Kidz Indoor Playground

Hyper Kidz Indoor Playground – Kid Zone!

The “Kid Zone” is for ages 2-7 and full of ball pits, slides, spinning palms carousel, building block room (great place to retreat to if kiddo wants some space away from the crowds), giant light up wall – plus there’s seating all around the perimeter so if you’re comfortable, you young’n could play while you rest your tired feet.
Hyper Kidz Indoor Playground
She could have played in this ball pit all day!


Hyper Kidz Indoor Playground
So much fun was had on this “spinning palms” carousel-type activity! Super-soft so no worries about their noggins when they invariably fall off the palm…!
Hyper Kidz Indoor Playground
Playing at the giant light up wall was a great way for the kids to take a break without taking a break entirely.
Hyper Kidz Columbia Maryland


Hyper Kidz Indoor Playground – Mini Zone!

And then there’s the Mini Zone, a self-contained play area for infants and toddlers up to 2 years old. We didn’t spend much time there but it did look perfect for the mighty wee ones and I can attest that when my curious 4-year old tried to enter, she was respectfully rebuffed by the polite employee who told her that this area was just for 0-2 year olds (a peace of mind, I’m sure, for parents with kiddos of the younger variety).

Hyper Kidz Indoor Playground
We really enjoyed our time at Hyper Kidz. While I do wish that it was located closer to my neck of the woods (as I wish everything was 😆), the drive to Columbia was well worth it for the fun they had – especially my 4 year old; she could have stayed there all day! As for my 8-year old, an hour and a half or so was good enough for him. I sense that 8 or 9-years old is probably the max for Hyper Kidz. Just keepin’ it real witchoo!

Travel Tips:

  • If planning to go in the morning, plan to arrive 20 minutes or so after opening as the usual line will have diminished by then;
  • Check the Hyper Kidz Facebook page prior to heading out as they’ll post there if they’ve already reached capacity for the day or a period of time (it happens).
  • Plan to spend between 1.5 to 2 hours here (perhaps more if you’re really determined. 😆
  • BRING YOUR OWN SOCKS! PARENTS, TOO! If you forget to do so, never fear – they do have simple, plain socks available for purchase (which is a relief because dear me, I have more Pump-It-Up socks than I have children – which is two, too many).
  • We did not make it to Black Flag Brewing Company but I did notice that their hours are mainly in the afternoon – so take that into account is this is to be a part of your excursion.


Discount! 💰

Lucky for you, Hyper Kids is offering Route One Fun readers $2 off a weekday admission just for mentioning “Route One Fun” at checkout (making it $5 for infants, $7 for ages 1-2, $9 for ages 3-13)! 👏

Go! Enjoy! And then come back and share your experience with us all in the comments below!

Hyper Kidz is located at 9309 Snowden River Parkway, Columbia, Maryland 21046.

See Hyper Kidz website for admission and hours information (and mention “Route One Fun” for $2 off a weekday admission!)

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  1. Thanks for the tip! We went for the first time today, and my daughter (age 6) liked it a lot :-). The $2 discount worked fine, and we spent nearly two hours there.

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