Hyattsville Library Groundbreaking this November!

Some good news to share with those interested in the status of the reconstruction of the Hyattsville branch of the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System: I just received word that the Hyattsville library construction contract has been signed and plans are being made for a groundbreaking ceremony later this month!

Hyattsville Branch Library

According to Michael B. Gannon, Interim Co-Chief Executive Office for Support Services, “A sign should be going up on the site shortly…[T]he architects have estimated a 24-month construction period. It is a longer than usual time because the branch will sit on a one-story parking garage which has to be constructed first.”

According to this description from Grimm and Parker, the architectural firm designing the library, the new Hyattsville library will be 40,000 square feet, will have “outdoor reading areas” and “will incorporate the relocated, iconic flying-saucer canopy from the previous facility. It will continue to serve as a local landmark for years to come.”

Hyattsville Branch Library

I’m pretty excited about the Hyattsville library construction! Grimm and Parker is the same architectural firm that designed the Laurel Library – which we LOVE – so to know they’ve worked on the design plans for the new Hyattsville Library is really good news! In fact, just as the Laurel Library’s Children’s Room has a theme (Discovery Island), the plans here note that the theme for the Hyattsville Library’s Children’s Room will be Discovery Village, “complete with a drawbridge, moat, and castle walls, this children’s area brings warmth and excitement to the library stacks. Recognizing the changing role of public libraries, the design’s additional features include a café, community meeting rooms, technology labs, and study rooms.”

Good stuff! 👏👏👏

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And for a moving tribute to the Hyattsville Library and its saucer, read The temple of my childhood: A flying saucer, by Deb Hosey White.

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