Where Am I Wednesday: Historic Bostwick House Edition

The Bostwick House
The Bostwick House
Where in Prince George’s County might you find the Bostwick House, an elegant two and one-half story Georgian structure completed in 1746 whose terraced lawns are linked with white marble steps that once graced the U.S. Capitol (and whose front porch was recently treated to great restoration work thanks to the fine folks at HistoriCorps)?
The Bostwick House Bladensburg Maryland
Here’s a hint: This historic house has ties to the town’s mercantile roots, the War of 1812 and sits across from the Anacostia River. What’s that? You think the Bostwick House is located in the Town of Bladensburg, Maryland? 🔔🔔🔔 You are correct! This beautiful historic house is indeed located in Bladensburg and was actually purchased by the town in 1997 for “public purposes the preserve this unusual and precious piece of Bladensburg history,” according to a brochure issued by the Friends of Bostwick, Inc.
The Bostwick House
Take a moment to imagine this being the view from your front door, a look onto the
of the resplendent Anacostia River Valley  (minus chainsaw-ish device to the left).
According to this Washington Post article from 2012, the Bostwick House is “one of only four one of only four pre-Revolutionary structures still standing in the town. ‘[Bostwick] really represents why Bladensburg is there in the first place, for the port and the trade,’ said Aaron Marcavitch, executive director of Anacostia Trails Heritage Area Inc., an organization that works to promote the history and cultural resources in northern Prince George’s County. The organization is working to help Bladensburg raise awareness for the needs of Bostwick House.”
Bostwick House

When Aaron invited me to a behind-the-scenes tour of the Bostwick House, I jumped at the chance to absorb more of our local history, run my fingers along and mind around what used to be and to take some sweet pics of the details that caught my eye – like the beautifully intricate design on a radiator I spotted, the soft curves on a marble mantelpiece (I *think* marble, don’t quote me 😉), the woodwork along the stairwell. Man oh man. 😍

Drool / Swoon-worthy Details 

Bostwick House Radiator


Bostwick House


Bostwick House

The Bostwick House is currently used by the University of Maryland’s Graduate Program in Historic Preservation as a study site, on which they both study and restore the House. For a deeper dive into the details on this historic house and the folks who lived and worked there, head to this site about the Bostwick House.

Bostwick House UMD Historic Preservation
Attentively listening as Donald Linebaugh (Director of UMD’s Historic
Preservation Program) shares details on the details! 

And in case videos are more your thang, here’s one sharing details about the restoration and some history behind the Bostwick House:

🔊 While the house is not currently open to the public, the Town of Bladensburg and those involved in the preservation of the Bostwick House would love to hear ideas from Route One Fun readers on future uses for the House that preserves its history, creates jobs and stimulates the local economy. Inspired? 🖉 Feel free to add you ideas for Bostwick House to the comments below!

The Bostwick House is located at 3901 48th St, Bladensburg, MD 20710

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