Brentwood Arts Exchange: Jordann Wine’s “It’s Not All Glitter And Rainbows”

While at Glitterfest at the Brentwood Arts Exchange yesterday, I had a chance to pop over to check out It’s Not All Glitter And Rainbows by Washington, DC-based artist Jordann Wine. Full of color, vibrancy and, of course, glitter, Wine’s art draws you in and makes you wish your young’n was equally engaged and not instead tugging at your jacket for some snacks. Feeble human. 😉 (Speaking of wee ones, the pieces are just high enough that they’re out of reach for the 0-4 year old crew, just in case want to stop by with your offspring.)

Jordann Wine It's Not All Glitter And Rainbows"

True to its description, the exhibit is a “continuous study of patterns, sacred geometry, color and movement…[which] invites us to reflect on the infinite. With the playful use of glitter, [Jordann Wine] vibrantly engages the viewer, welcoming contemplation, meditation, and an endless exploration of the elements that connect us all.”

Jordann Wine It's Not All Glitter And Rainbows"

According to Jordann Wine’s bio, the artist has “elevated [glitter] to a painterly standard as she foregrounds the material’s inherent qualities of holding and releasing light. She makes use of the medium’s full range of iridescent, opaque, and translucent color qualities. The childish or garish reputation of glitter changes into a reflective cosmic field inviting the eye to travel into a world of endless possibilities.”

Jordann Wine It's Not All Glitter And Rainbows"
Jordann Wine It's Not All Glitter And Rainbows"

An artists talk for It’s Not All Glitter and Rainbows as well as as well as Push & Pull: Variations on Nature is scheduled for December 1st at 2pm and will lead a conversation about their experience and art making process.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek inside this cool, local exhibit! 👊 And in case you’re interested in music, too – know that the Brentwood Arts Exchange also hosts live music concerts. (Think Tiny Desk Concerts without the NPR bit.) Read about the time we caught Be Steadwell at the Brentwood Arts Exchange.

The Brentwood Arts Exchange is located at 3901 Rhode Island Ave, Brentwood, MD 20722

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