Celebrate StonyFIELD Day at Hyattsville’s Magruder Park this Sunday!

StonyFIELD Day at Magruder Park, Hyattsville on Sunday (10/21)!

Stonyfield Organic is teaming up with the City of Hyattsville to bring its StonyFIELDS Initiative to Magruder Park and you’re invited to the celebratory StonyFIELDS Field Day kick-off event this Sunday, October 21st! There’ll be free organic BBQ, face painting, kids crafts and activities, live music, organic landscaping education and a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate this great new partnership!

Route One Fun Stonyfield Organic Hyattsville
Rumbling around at Hyattsville’s Magruder Park

As many folks will attest, Hyattsville’s Magruder Park is a great community park for families, kids and local residents who want to play outside. With trails perfect for exploring on foot or bike, basketball and tennis courts perfect for working up a sweat, a playground that keeps playful kiddos busy and grass that’s perfect for sports…like wrestling your cousin on a comfy bed of leaves (exhibit A above 😊) – Magruder Park’s a destination beloved by many. And thanks to the StonyFIELDS #PlayFree Initiative with the City of Hyattsville, playing at Magruder Park is about to get even better! 👏

Route One Fun Stonyfield Organic Soccer Hyattsville
Saturday morning soccer at Hyattsville’s Magruder Park

I’ve been buying Stonyfield Organics products for our family for some time now. Made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics or GMOs, their no-nonsense approach to healthy eating makes me feel better about what I put on the table for all to eat. My only wish is that the kids liked them a little bit less – just a smidge – so that they wouldn’t always be trying to take mine!  😂

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What’s mine is yours and yours is….

In furtherance of its mission to keep food healthy and help protect the environment, Stonyfield Organic is rolling out its StonyFIELDS Initiative and partnering with the 35 communities across the country to make outdoor parks and fields a healthier place to play. Which may have you wondering – how could being active outdoors get any healthier? Here’s how: Over 26 million children play on public grounds each year. Most of these fields and green spaces are sprayed with harmful pesticides known to affect neurological, respiratory, immune and endocrine systems in humans. Children are especially susceptible to these toxins: their skin is more permeable, their organs are still developing and less likely to be able to detoxify harmful chemicals and, let’s be real, they spend more time rolling around in the treated grass than you and me – except for that one time. 😆

Stonyfield Organic Problem with Pesticides and Playing Fields

Up until now, I (sheepishly) haven’t given much thought to pesticide exposure at playgrounds and parks. Sure, I’ve considered the impact of pesticides in our food and buy organic whenever I can, but exposure to these harmful chemicals while playing on outdoor fields and parks was just not on my radar. Thankfully, Stonyfield Organic’s partnership with the City of Hyattsville is putting this concern on all of our radars and helping us all do something about it by working to make public grounds – like Magruder Park – that bit healthier for all of us!

At a time when funding and resources for toxic-chemical regulation are unfortunately being drastically cut, Stonyfield Organic’s StonyFIELDS Initiative will invest half a million dollars to help 35 communities across the country convert outdoor fields and parks to organically maintained ones, where kids and adults can play freely without the worry of exposure to harmful pesticides. And lucky for us, Hyattsville’s Magruder Park is one of those 35 communities! 👏😊👏

Come celebrate this good news, learn more about this partnership with the City of Hyattsville and the ways that you, too, can bring change in your own back yard at this Sunday’s big kick-off event: StonyFIELDS Magruder Park Field Day! (October 21st, 11am-2pm.)  There’ll be face painting, organic BBQ, kids crafts and activities, live music, organic landscaping education, a ribbon cutting ceremony & more!

Magruder Park is located at 3911 Hamilton Street, Hyattsville MD 20781. 

More about Sunday’s StonyFIELDS event at Hyattsville’s Magruder Park.

More about communities that are already making progress!

Thank you to Stonyfield Organic for sponsoring this post. And thank you, dear Route One Fun readers, for supporting businesses that make my work possible! 

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