Orangetheory Fitness Coming to College Park

Orangetheory Fitness is soon opening its doors in College Park, with a launch party happening September 12th! I trustingly put an exclamation mark there because I know of folks who LOVE and swear by Orangetheory though I’ve personally never tried it. But your happiness is my happiness, or something like that. 😄

Orangetheory Fitness College Park Maryland

According to their website, Orangetheory works like this: “In a 60-minute class, led by a highly trained and certified coach, members target at least twelve minutes in the Orange Zone to raise their heart rate and charge up metabolism. The result is an increase in calorie burn post-workout, backed by the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). After twelve minutes of hard work in the Orange Zone, your body burns additional calories as you recover over the next 36 hours.” 36 hours of additional calorie burn for just 12 minutes of hard work sounds like a deal/trick to me 😉, so I’ll probably check it out.

Orangetheory Fitness College Park Maryland

The new location is in the retail spaces of the Cambria Suites in College Park, along same row as a new CVS and the newly opened College Park Grill, which I’ve been hearing great things about! Info on their launch party here.

Orangetheory Fitness College Park will be joining a growing roster of fitness clubs that have made the Route One Corridor their home, including Riverdale Park’s Gold’s Gym, Hyattsville’s LA FitnessPlanet Fitness and CrossFit as well as gems like College Park’s Numi Yoga and Open Barre, Riverdale Park’s Bikram Yoga, Hyattsville’s Love Yoga and YogaSpace as well as Zumba, Samba Dance and Capoeira at Espaco Cultural Samba Trovao and Mt. Rainier’s Joe’s Movement Emporium always brings it with their Hip Hop, Dancehall, African Dance and Belly Dancing classes!

We’re some lucky ducks!

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