Hip Hop, Trap Heels, Belly Dance, African Dance & Drum Workshops at Joe’s Movement Emporium!

Joe’s Movement Emporium in Mt. Rainier is offering a bunch of cool, new dance workshops right now that I know you movers and shakers would love to hear about! I’m talking about Hip Hop, African Dance, Dancehall, Belly Dance, Trap Heels, West African Dance & Drum workshops that run for six weeks, really giving you a chance to learn the rhythm and get comfortable with the routines, so comfortable, perhaps, that you’ll be all solo performing them for your friends and family over the holidays! (Or maybe that’s just me! 😆) There’ll even be a photographer at the last class, taking pics of you (should you like) practicing your moves! (Holiday photos: ✅!)

I’m so excited about these classes that I can’t decide which one to try – so please help me decide! Enter your vote in the comments below and I’ll report back (w/ incriminating photos, I’m sure 😜) in a future post!

⏰ 💰 DISCOUNT ALERT!  Enter ROUTE1WORKSHOPS at checkout and get 20% off any of these workshops between now and October 7th! 

Joe's Movement Emporium Fall Workshop Series Mt. Rainier Maryland Dance

Thank you to Joe’s Movement Emporium for sponsoring this post. And thank you, dear Route One Fun readers, for supporting local businesses that support Route One Fun! 😍

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