Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Where Am I Wednesday

Where does this colorful, glass "Totem" sculpture call home?  (Hint: This public art was commissioned by the Hyattsville CDC but is not located in Hyattsville.) Perhaps you've seen this tall piece of local art while walking along one the bike paths / Rhode Island Trolley Trail (big hint, there!)? Perhaps you can't put your finger on the precise location but the artist's work you've seen many times before? Highly plausible, as sculptor Alan Binstock is kind of a big deal here, there and everywhere! 😊 (In fact, his Ribbon of Life sculpture was the subject of this Route One Fun post here.)

Totem Alan Binstock Local Art Sculpture Prince George's County

Or perhaps you've passed this sculpture as you walked by the vacant buildings across the street and came up with a bajillion ideas as to what local, small businesses you'd like to see set up shop there. Me, too, buds.  Me, too.

So - in which Route One community is this sculpture located?  

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