Marco & Polo Central Asian Cuisine Opening Soon in Hyattsville

Marco & Polo Central Asian Cuisine, a new restaurant featuring the “exotic flavors of the Silk Road”ย is opening this September next to Old Dominion Brewhouse in Hyattsville! ๐Ÿ˜‹ You can expect the menu for this new restaurant to include foods blending the best of Asian, Russian, Uzbek and Turkish cuisines. Quadruple yum!

Ever taste some legendary Uyghur noodles? How about Turkish lentil soup? Urumchi salad?ย  Well, you’ll soon have you chance to indulge as these appear to be some of Marco & Polo’s specialties.

Marco & Polo Central Asian Cuisine Hyattsville Maryland
๐Ÿ“ท source: Marco & Polo’s Facebook Page

A quick look at their Facebook page shows a menu including Uyghur Adana Beef Kabab, Steamed Lamb Dumplings, Shish Kebab (lamb, beef or chicken), Uyghur Kordax Mix and more! (And for those needing a refresher, the Silk Road refers to the ancient trading route that connected the East and West, from China in the east to Persia and on to the Mediterranean in the west, as described here.)

Seems like something quite unique for this area, no? Looking forward to checking out the new Marco and Polo restaurant when it opens next month! Also looking forward to checking out the nearby Vie Cafe, also opening this fall as I shared in this post here.

Marco & Polo Central Asian Cuisine is coming soon to 6504 America Blvd, Hyattsville.

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