Where Am I Wednesday! (+ Help Restore Patriotico!)

What a fitting #whereamiwednesday for this 4th of July! 💥 Do you know where Patriotico, this beautiful bird sculpture by Gloria Valdes “Tarasca” calls home?

According to the Hyattsville CDC, Patriotico was part of a public arts program called “birds I view,” created with the goal of promoting tourism in the area, highlighting local artists and raising funds for youth art programs. According to local resident Sarah Elder, the sculpture was purchased by several local families to be displayed at the local school. (I’ll update with correct location as soon as one of you enters the correct answer!)  Unfortunately, someone shot the bird with a beebee gun and it now has a hole in it, which morphed into a crack. 😢

Sarah is raising money to help restore Patriotico back to her shining glory! She’s located a local sculptor who will make the necessary repairs at a cost of $3,600. Sarah has proposed a match to challenge folks to donate (i.e. for every $100 donated, she will match $100 up to $1,000).

Interested in helping Patriotico get her groove back? Check out the GoFundMe page here!

Annnndddd enter your #whereamiwednesday guess here, over on Route One Fun’s Facebook Page or Route One Fun’s Instagram page!

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