WaWa Coming to the Adelphi Pool (practically)!

You heard me right!  Well, kind of. 😉 A WaWa is likely coming to the NW corner of Adelphi & Riggs Road, which means it will be a stone’s throw from the Adelphi Pool. 👏 (And everywhere else, of course, but we’re especially excited as we frequent this intersection many times a summer on our way to the Adelphi Pool!)

There are currently three WaWa locations in Prince George’s County (Beltsville, Upper Marlboro, and Capitol Heights). In terms of timing, this location is just in the planning stages, so an actual, customized WaWa sandwich in hand is a ways away, but still!

Source: WaWa’s Instagram Page

Why is this a cause for celebration?  Because WaWa is pretty much the best convenience store around. It’s consistently clean, excellent variety, coffee is decent, staff are usually Ok-to-friendly and you can make a bunch of stuff to order using their nifty touch screens. This is a relief for someone like me who is quite particular (read: high maintenance) with her sandwich / hoagie / hero order.  Ordering up their own sandwich via WaWa’s touchscreens is also something that the kiddos look forward to on long road trips up to NY via Delaware/New Jersey.

Source: WaWa’s Instagram Page

Still curious? Go ahead – just ask anyone who’s lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware or Florida what they think of WaWa. The affection rises to the level of that for Wegmans, you feel me? And if you haven’t been to Wegmans in Lanham (or any location) yet, me and my part-Buffalonian heart wonder if there’s any hope left for you. 😆

There’s a reason why WaWa’s known as the Trader Joe’s of convenience stores. And soon, you’ll know why! 🙂

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  1. I'm super excited! But I also wonder what they will be doing, if anything, to that shopping center there. So much opportunity wasted. I would love for them to revamp that, the same way they are developing in other parts of the Hyattsville/ College Park area.

  2. Wow! Amazing, thoughtful points you bring up. Thank you for taking the time to write. And I'm glad to hear it made the times with your mother that bit easier. It truly is the little things that make all the difference. Thanks for reaching out!

  3. This is exciting news!! I just have to add two reasons I am super loyal to WaWa: 1) Unlike most convenience stores and gas stations in the mid-Atlantic, they offer recycling bins, so I can clean all the soda cans out of my car while traveling, and 2) when my mom was in a wheelchair, we sometimes had to travel several hours to get to specialists. WaWa was the only chain that reliably had spacious, clean bathrooms with a separate handicap stall so she could use the facilities without rushing, I could fit inside to help her, and we didn't feel filthy when we exited. It might be just a little thing but made a huge difference for her dignity and comfort, and I will always be grateful for that.

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