Inside Streetcar 82 Brewing Co in Hyattsville, Maryland!

Streetcar 82 Brewing Company Hyattsville
Streetcar 82’s Mark Burke

Streetcar 82 Brewing Company in Hyattsville recently opened its craft beer doors with special hours as the Gallaudet grads put the final touches on what’s already become a go-to spot for beer lovers all along Maryland’s Route One Corridor and Washington, DC! Haven’t had a chance to stop by yet?  Then enjoy this delightfully amateur video of the inside magic of Streetcar 82!


This week’s beer taps included a Stout with Belgian yeast, a Stout with English yeast, an American Pale Ale and a New England IPA. 🍺 While I didn’t get to imbibe this round, I’m looking forward to checking out all of the beer taps soon! 🙂  Speaking of, be sure to check their Facebook and Instagram accounts for latest operating hours. Cheers! 🍺

Have you stopped by yet? Will you buy me a round? 😉


More about Streetcar 82 Brewing Co from their website:

The name:

“Our brewery takes its name from the 82 Streetcar line which ran from 1888 until its closing on September 7, 1958. This line started at 5th & G St and continued through the neighborhoods of Eckington, Woodridge, Mt. Rainier, Hyattsville, and College Park. The video on the introduction page chronicles the route starting at the intersection of Florida Ave and New York Ave in NE DC and runs through all the neighborhoods listed above. The route follows Rhode Island Ave (Rt. 1) for the majority of the trip. We chose this name because all three of us live on the path this line took through our neighborhoods and we can easily imagine ourselves hopping onto Streetcar 82 and meeting up at our brewery to make and drink craft beer!”

The Location:

In one word…community. Community is very important to the three of us. We all graduated from Gallaudet University, a tight-knit community which is right down the road from our location. After we graduated, we left to start our careers in different parts of the country. All three of us came back here because of the community support that is unique to this area. We have the support of a large Deaf community, each of our neighborhoods (Eckington, Woodridge, and Hyattsville) has a unique, distinctive identity, and small town feel. We know our neighbors and we can say, “Hello, how is your spouse/family/dog/cat doing?” This is something that we all feel deeply about and want to create a place where people can come together, be neighborly, and enjoy beer.

In short:

Local? ✅ You betcha! Mark Burke lives in Hyattsville, Jon Cetrano in Woodridge and Sam Costner in Eckington.
Food? Bring your own Baby changing table? ✅
Kids’ games? ✅ (cornhole and hopefully soon getting a life-sized tic-tac-toe game)
Delicious beer? ✅
Dog-friendly? ✅

If you want some Streetcar 82 gear, head over to their Kickstarter page and check ’em out!

Streetcar 82 Brewing Co is located at 4824 Rhode Island Ave, Hyattsville MD 20781

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