Help Local Mt. Rainier Family Recover After Devastating House Fire

A local Mt. Rainier family recently lost everything in their lifelong home of 25 years when it caught fire last Friday night. Neighbor Beth Skirkanich has put together this GoFundMe page with a goal of raising $5,000 to help Nicholas and Ligia Williams get through the next couple of months. Time and again, our local communities have come together to help one another, especially at times like this. If you have a minute and the means, please visit the GoFundMe page and do what you can to help Mt. Rainier’s Mr. & Ms. Williams.

According to an email from Carthy Boston, the family has an immediate need for the following items:
  • Rain jacket shell, umbrella, Shoes:5.5” women’s and 8.5” men’s. Pants, men’s 34” x 30” woman’s pants. Small or Petites in women’s clothing. Blankets, used laptop, flashlight, hammer.
  • And any Glut Certificates (they start at $10, $25 etc) for Food items.
“Mayor Miles has given CERT the go ahead to use The police Department as a drop off point for any goods. Please identify them as CERT – Williams. If the police department is closed feel free to send an email to [ cdorset at yahoo dot com ] and we will have the items collected and get them to the family.”

Excerpted from GoFundMe page:

“Nicolas and Ligia Williams are the kind-hearted and gentle Mount Rainier residents who recently lost everything in their lifelong home of 25 years when it caught on fire, burned to pieces Friday night. Our town, the City of Mt. Rainier is a close-knit community where love and art comes together, and city residents aren’t bashful about sharing, caring, swapping goods and helping each other out. I was moved to do this act of kindness because 15 years ago the Williams family welcomed me into this artsy city with opened arms. They are more than my neighbors they are good trusted friends.

Last night, in less than one hour everything they owned was gone, burned beyond recognition. The firefighters of this great city did a fantastic job keeping the fire contained and city residents came together to offer support in this unfortunate tragedy. I was moved at how unique this town truly is – a loving supportive community. I would like to thank and I know they would as well, everyone for their gracious and generous assistance that has been provided thus far; the Williams will need a lot more help to get back on their feet.

We are all very grateful that there was no loss of life, I know there will be hard times ahead for the Williams. I’d like to ask all of you reading this to donate what ever amount you can, nothing is too small, to help them through their very rough transition in the next few months. They are my neighbors and my friends and welcomed me into the neighborhood when I moved here. I’d love to show them support from the city that they have poured their hearts into since they first became residents 25 years ago. Their home was possibly one of the oldest in the city, dating to pre-1900s. and this Go Fund Me page was created to help them get on a path of getting their basic and immediate needs met.

If your reading this page, it means that you care. Please donate any little, or any amount to help the Williams get back to the life they once knew, having a place to call home. (all proceeds with the exception of a small fee which GFM takes, will go directly to the William’s Family)

To help me get the word out, and get others that you know might want to help to donate please share this link to your Twitter pages, Facebook Timelines, email the link to friends/family, and any known Mount Rainier residents.

Thank you for all your kindness.”

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