Cafecito y Alfajores by the Hyattsville Library? YES! Vie Cafe to Open this Fall!

A number of times when I’m on my way to the Hyattsville Library, usually kid (or three) in tow, I’ve longed (in an up to now unrequited way) for a nice post-library coffee – one that I can get to without needing to cross East West Highway or Belcrest Road. Basically, one right by the library. Turns out, my longing has not been for naught as Vie Café plans to open on the ground level of nearby Vie Towers later this Fall!

Vie Cafe Hyattsville
Café y alfajores! 😍

I caught up with Joana Filgueiras last week and peppered her with questions about the forthcoming spot. Initially, I was concerned that it was just going to be a Keurig-style place (no judgements; we have a Keurig, too, but coffee out = no Keurig unless you’re at a hotel). I digress.  Back to Joana:

Vie Cafe Hyattsville
Courtesy Vie Café.

“Our coffee is Grand Havana, a Miami-based brand, woman owned. We will be serving some delicious Cuban coffee (Cafecito). We are working with local companies for food and we already have an incredible vegan vendor – also woman owned – and a company that will have alfajores for us.”

Vie Cafe Hyattsville
Git in mah belly! 📷 source Vie Café Instagram

When I asked whether this would be a sit down or a to-go type place, Joana shared: “We will have a lot of sitting space and planning on having other events and specials, like maybe live music, poetry, book readings, etc.” She also confirmed that they will indeed have free Wi-Fi.

Score on all accounts! And if you’ve never had Cuban coffee or an Alfajor, you’re in for a treat!

Vie Café will be located at 6515 Belcrest Road, Hyattsville, 20782.

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