You all played along so well to the last #whereamiwednesday (with Berwyn Heights being the correct answer) that I’ve decided to switch the game up a little this week! This time around, I’ll tell you where the picture was taken and you tell me the name of the artist(s)!  Play along in the comments below or over on Route One Fun’s Facebook Page and/or Instagram page!

Here goes: This cool mural can be found on the side of one of the buildings of Hyattsville Middle School. While none of the individuals featured in the mural appear to be named, I believe the figure on left to be Colin Kaepernick and Justice Thurgood Marshall to the right.

As you can see, the mural is quite a big one and includes other figures whom I could use your help identifying.

So, who knows who the artist(s) behind this beautiful mural may be?  

Play along here, over on Route One Fun’s Facebook Page or Route One Fun’s Instagram page!

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