Spotted! Capital Bikeshare Stations in Hyattsville & Riverdale Park!

While no official announcement has been made as of yet, our spidey senses have detected the precise locations for the Hyattsville and Riverdale Park (two of the three) new Capital Bikeshare stations coming to Route One (just in time for Friday’s Bike to Work Day)! (6 total in Prince George’s County.)

As you can see above, the Riverdale Park location will just inside the Route 1entrance to Riverdale Park Station, which makes sense given its proximity to the bike trails, methinks. Looks like there are about 17 slots for bikes. Though that’s an odd number and math was never my forte, so let’s run with “more than ten.” 😁

📸 by Rebecca Baldwin

And from what local resident Rebecca Baldwin shared on Twitter, the Hyattsville Capital Bikeshare Station is located on the corner of Jefferson and Route 1. 

As you can see, neither are open for business yet – and won’t be, until May 18th. According to a Washington Post article, “[T]he stations will be in the Anacostia Trails Heritage area, which includes Mount Rainier, Hyattsville, and parts of Riverdale Park and in riding proximity to existing Bikeshare stations available in the District and Montgomery.”

The other two three locations Capital Bikeshare locations in Prince George’s County will be at the Largo Metro station, and another at the Wayne K. Curry Administration Building in Largo and at Largo Road & Campus Way (Prince George’s Community College).

So, all we have to do now is find out where the Mt. Rainier Capital Bikeshare Station will be location and our sleuthing will be done – for today! 🙂

5/16 Update:  Thanks to Route One Fun reader, Tom Liddle, for sharing the location of the Mt. Rainier Capital Bikeshare Station on Perry & 35th Street!

Here’s the complete list from the Capital Bikeshare site:

Where Can You Find the Stations?

Stations are located in Largo and Hyattsville with an expansion planned along the Route 1 corridor and National Harbor. Current locations:

Baltimore Ave & Van Buren St / Riverdale Park Station
Baltimore Ave & Jefferson St
Perry & 35th St
1301 McCormick Dr / Wayne K. Curry Admin Bldg
Largo Town Center Metro
Largo Rd & Campus Way / Prince George’s Comm Coll

Updated 5/17/18


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