FREE Comic Book Day at College Park’s Big Planet Comics!

Rejoice! Free Comic Book Day is happening this Saturday (5/5) at Big Planet Comics of College Park! As Big Planet’s own Daniel noted, part of the day’s effort is to show that there are more to comic books than just capes and tights. Which intrigued me. Because I could live in a world of just capes and tights! 😄

So, if you’ve ever walked by Big Planet in CP and thought, “Hey, I used to dig comic books but then I had kids and now my whole life revolves around Caillou” or “Comic books are a great way to encourage my young’n to read” or “I wonder what goes on behind those fabled doors,” then Saturday, May 5th from 11am-7pm would be a great day for you to stop by and get some free comic books! (Choose up to ten free comic books from a select bin!)

Big Planet’s Daniel is super friendly + knowledgeable about what genres might suit your interests!

The store itself is huge and bookshelves set up with labels that make it super-easy to search by interest. They also have toys – for which they’re providing a discount on this day.

Re. Kids & Comics: They have a whole section devoted to kid-appropriate comic books.  And by kid-appropriate, I’m thinking in/around 7-years old and up. Now, this is not a picture of the free comic books but instead just a photo of what comic books they have to purchase so that you have a sense of what’s in stock. What will be in the free bin is TBD.


Daniel also shared that they have Game Nights at Big Planet, including Sunday afternoon Dungeons and Dragons!  I know that some folks in the area are interested in D & D so asked about youngest age in this group.  At this time, youngest is 13 as it takes a while to get your head around all the rules.

Droppin’ knowledge and FREE COMIC BOOKS on y’all!  Enjoy Saturday and come back to leave a comment on which comic book(s) you picked up!

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