Traveling Carnival Coming to Hyattsville

Big ole carnival full of tilt-a-whirls, Viking boats, bumper cars and funnel cakes is coming soon to Hyattsville’s University Town Center, May 2nd – May 13th. While the website here doesn’t note the precise location at UTC, last year’s traveling carnival set up shop in the parking lot across from Town Center Wine & Spirit / Pollo Campero, so odds are that it will be in that spot again. Speaking of last year’s carnival, here’s some pics; a preview, perhaps, of what to expect:



According to the site, rides take 3-5 tickets (tickets are $1.75/each). Pretty spenny but there you have it. The real question is: How much is the funnel cake? And when will the masses rise up and demand zeppoles over funnel cake?!?  SO. MUCH. BETTER! 😁

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