Hillbilly Alligators, Drunken Hot Dogs, Star Wars & More at Southern Fried Woodcuts by Sean StarWars

Dig colorful, bright, playful/satirical/irreverent prints that feature nostalgia-triggering characters and pop culture nuggets like Ms. Pacman, Pez Dispensers, Darth Vader and beloved Guided by Voices? Of course you do!  So go check out Southern Fried Woodcuts by Sean StarWars at Hyattsville’s Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.

Took the young’ns to Pyramid after soccer today and we had a grand time exploring the 200 prints that were on display, chatting about Darth Vader and the robots and alligators and bugs and skulls and whether Guided By Voices belonged in the top ten or top five Best Indie Rock Bands of All Time category.  Slightly precocious analysis for a three-year old to consider but after carefully absorbing the details in the 3 or 4 GBV prints, homegirl unequivocally decided that the Band was actually THE best indie rock band of all time. And then tottered off to the bathroom, deftly ending the debate. Girl’s got skillz. 😋

According to a press release from Pyramid: “Starwars holds an MFA in Printmaking from Louisiana State University and a Graphic Design Certificate from Savannah College of Art and Design. “Somewhere along the way, I realized that I could accomplish my goals as an artist without enslaving myself to the meticulous obsessions of ‘traditional’ printmaking. I don’t slow down to make perfect drawings or to finesse my color registration. I hammer out the carvings and blast out the prints, and move on to the next print, the next day.”

One of the things I love about having Pyramid in town is that they bring so much great art to our area for us to explore, adore, consider, digest, etc. And so much of it is really affordable, like the great work from this exhibit; pieces range from $50 to $150. And these are big pieces!


Anyhoo, go check out this exhibit. Pyramid’s a great place and Sean’s work is definitely a sight (or 200 sights) to behold!
Pyramid Atlantic is located at 4318 Gallatin Street, Hyattsville.
The exhibition runs through June 2 with Gallery Hours of 10 am – 6 pm Tuesday – Saturday and 12 – 5 pm Sunday.

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