FREE Indoor Fun at Mount Rainier Nature Center!

Did you know that we have a nature center in Mt. Rainier?  Tis true!  Mount Rainier Nature/Recreation Center is a FREE, kid-friendly, pint-sized nature center full of lizards, turtles, fish and other six-legged-creatures-who-shall-remain-nameless for all to explore!

Chameleon Harry was suspicious of my ways. Rightly so. 

We first discovered this place when we stopped by for their Thursday morning “Toddler Time” complete with storytime and hands-on nature activities (see Route One Fun’s Weekday Activities Guide for more details).

During Thursday’s Toddler Time, kiddos can touch some of the creatures!
I didn’t realize at the time that the Nature Center is also open for folks to explore during non-program hours. I don’t know why this never occurred to me but let’s file it under the category of toomanythingsonmymind and better late than never….

Being able to visit the nature center and its activity stations outside of any structured program is great, especially on days when you want to get yourself and the young’ns out of the house and busy exploring nature without breaking the bank. 

Activity Center – Full of paper and crayons just waiting for little hands to explore as well as some animals skins for them to get a sense of what XYZ might feel like.

Play Area full  of puzzles, blocks, books, pretend play toys, etc.

Goldfish Pond  – If you go during warmer weather, you can check out their cute goldfish pond.

Playground – If you happen to go on a nice day, know that there’s a playground right around back.

So go.  Enjoy this compact, fun, local and free resource. You might even learn a thing or two about charming chameleons and the Anacostia River while you’re at it! 😋

Mount Rainier Nature and Recreation Center is located at 4701 31st Place, Mt. Rainier 
Hours: Tuesdays – Saturdays, 8:30am-5pm

Don’t forget to share Route One Fun’s Weekday Activities Guide with your buds! 


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    1. Cool! You definitely should! Spring = awesome time to visit. You can spend some time at the Nature Center and then on the adjacent playground! 🙂 Tip: They usually feed the animals/critters around noon, so if can plan a visit around then, you/kiddos might be able to see them take the animals out and maybe even feed them! (A possibility – not a definite – but still!)

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