Friday, April 20, 2018

Coming Soon: Posh Cycling & Fitness to College Park!

Posh Cycling & Fitness is coming to the MOM's/old REI shopping center in College Park later this year (anticipate September/October grand opening)! SOOOOOOOOOEXCITED!!!!

πŸ“· Instagram: @poshcyclingandfitness

Owner Mel B is a resident of College Park with over ten years of certified fitness instruction under her belt, in addition to being a certified spinning instructor, and a scientist! Noyce, Mel! πŸ‘ So excited to learn that she does spin classes with musical themes like BeyoncΓ© v. Janet Jackson, Reggae, House, Ladies of Pop, Latin Tuesdays, etc. 

Mel B leading a spin class! 
πŸ“· courtesy Mel B.
I connected with Mel recently and she shared that she'll be offering spinning classes as well as other fun fitness classes like TRX, Bosu, Kangoo Jumps, Aerial Yoga, Belly Dancing and Kickboxing at Posh! 
Aerial Yoga, anyone? 
I had no idea what Kangoo was until I looked it up - and recognized the shoes/boots (?) as what I see a neighbor bouncing by on pretty regularly.  Now I know what it's called!

πŸ“· by @melbeefit
That whole area is going to be quite the destination: get your workout done at Posh then head over to MOM's for some nosh and maybe a game of pinball or some respite in the Tea Room. (The new MOM's is going be pretty dope!)


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  1. WHAT?! I've never done a spin class before (I think I might die) but the theme classes sound fun. And YES to aerial yoga (looooove that). Also, I didn't even know I needed Kangaroo Jumps in my life, but I kind of do.

    1. That's what I thought, too, when I first started spinning - but I love it! You'll have to come along and try a class with me! :)

  2. Sounds great! Looking forward to the fall!

  3. Yes, nearby spot to get back into the "spin" of things!

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