FREE, STEM-inspired Fun at Diven’s Den!

Explored Diven’s Den with the little lady last week. What is “Diven’s Den” might you ask? Well, curious reader, Diven’s Den is a fun, STEM-inspired playroom located in the basement of the Laurel Historical Society, filled with crafts and activities designed to teach the young’ns a bit about the history of Laurel. Before I get into the fun we had there, know that it’s best for ages 2+; they’ll spend about an hour exploring and it’s FREE!
A workstation is filled with crayons, markers, paper, scissors, pipe cleaners, cubes, and little projects to keep wee hands busy. Many of the suggested projects have little cards explaining how to do XYZ. Surrounding the table are posters that share nuggets of Laurel’s history. There’s also a cool, potholder weaving project that older kids will enjoy.
Speaking of older kids (by older, I mean 5-8 years old, give or take), there’s also a “Simple Machines” section, stocked with gears, levers, wheels and axles, teaching kids how different mills and foundry machines worked by demonstrating how “simple machines make work easier by reducing the amount of force needed.”


My lil one is mad about cooking/kitchen so she had a fun time preparing plates upon plates of play food for us as well as pots and pots of tea….A mother’s love…..
There’s also a basket of attire reflecting the fashion of 1800s Laurel. Like these chic hats!

Tips: During the colder months, make a morning out of it by checking out Diven’s Den and then heading over to explore the Laurel Library (read why it’s one of our faves, here). During warmer months, plan to spend some time afterwards strolling along the Riverwalk and see the remains of the old Laurel dam (which the kiddos get their extra wiggles out).

Speaking of the Laurel Historical Society, it’s 2018 exhibit is definitely worth your time and compact enough to explore as your little one tugs at your jacket. “We the People: How Civic Engagement has Shaped Laurel” demonstrates “how engaged average citizens have shaped and continue to shape the history of our town.” The Society also just selected Ann Bennett as its new Executive Director. Excited to learn more about Ann and her plans for the Laurel Historical Society!

Diven’s Den is located at 817 Main Street, Laurel, Maryland.  Diven’s Den is open during Museum Open Hours (Wednesdays & Fridays, 10am-2pm, Sunday 1-4pm). On-street parking.

Been to Diven’s Den? Got other places for Route One Ladayz to explore?  Share your recommendation in the comments below!

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