CAMPSpace Opening Soon in Hyattsville (& Patrice is amazing)!

📷 by Mickey Trifecta

Meet Patrice Cameau, UMD grad, Army wife, mother, entrepreneur and owner of a soon-to-open coworking spot, CAMPSpace, in Hyattsville. Wondering where this new spot is located? Well, remember that cool-looking business called “Galaxy Homes” on Gallatin, right across from the street from the playground and along the same strip as Yoga Space? That’s the spot.

Recognize it now?

I got to know Patrice last year, when she was testing the waters to see if there was an interest in or demand for a coworking spot in Prince George’s County. After hosting a number of successful co-working pop-ups along Route One, she knew the time was right to plant roots in Hyattsville – the City she & her family call home!

Patrice & some giant.

I had a chance to check out CAMPSpace earlier last month, when Patrice invited me and some folks to join in a photoshoot she was taking for her site (so if you see my mug all up in there, now you know why…Hi Mom!). It was a cool chance to get the inside scoop on how things looked and a chance to meet Patrice in person. She’s truly a tour-de-force: In addition to getting ready to open CAMPSpace, she had a baby relatively recently and holds down another full-time job, as well. Overachiever. 😁

I really like how bright and airy this space is – and it is going to be so awesome to be able to do some work along the patios in both the front and back of the CAMPSpace.

You can learn more about coworking membership and drop-in rates here. And, the information you’ve all been waiting on: They will have unlimited coffee by MochaBox, a locally owned coffee roaster in Prince George’s County!

If you’d like to learn more about Patrice and CAMPSpace, check out this great article Hyattsville Life & Times did here about CAMPSpace last month.

CAMPSpace is located at 4214 Gallatin Street, Hyattsville, Maryland

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