Thursday, March 29, 2018

Kids' Weekend Guide: March 30th-April 1st

Gears and gadgets fun at Diven's Den! Details below.

Tons of kid-friendly fun this weekend, Route One! As many kiddos are off on Friday for Spring Break, I stocked that day up with plenty of options as well as ideas for the weekend!

Happy Passover & Happy Easter! 

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Adults' Weekend Guide: March 29th-April 1st

David Amoroso's Un Poco De Todo Amoroso opens this Friday at Green Owl Design!

DC Punk Archive Library Show, Opening Reception for David Amoroso's amazing art, Cabaret Noir, Black Speculative Arts Movement & more - all this weekend!  Happy Passover & Happy Easter! 
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Inside Gold's Gym! (FREE classes thru Saturday, March 31st)

First impression: Me oh my.  Gold's Gym Riverdale Park is FAAANNNNcy! And huge! And so clean. Kind of like a candy store for fitness buffs (or aspiring ones, ahem....). Since it took me a minute or ten to find the right entrance, going to do you a solid and share an actual picture + coordinates of the entrance:

I wasn't actually planning on checking out Gold's; I'm a member of another local gym where I pay $25/month, a rate considerably lower than Gold's introductory rate. And since cash rules everything around me, $25 is about right. (Nas reference, for the villains and a hundred dollar billers. Which is a Mob Deep reference. I digess.) But - I pretty much attend the other gym because of an amazing spinning instructor - who has since moved on and whose shoes I'm not sure anyone will ever fill (Sharene's THAT good), so when I learned that Gold's offers a spinning class (called "Gold's Cycle"), I thought I'd buck up and check out a free cycle class today. 😊

The cycle room is stocked with all new Keiser bikes. The instructor, Cheryl, was really good and helpful - stopping by to gently suggest form adjustments so that you can get the best out of your workout. The music was a mix of Chris Brown, Coldplay, some techno-ish song and a light rock-type song. General Manager Christopher Braden shared that it's Gold's version of SoulCycle, with flashing lights and hand weights to boot! I liked the class but $99/month (you need Gold's Studio membership to partake in cycle) is on the steep side, especially when other local clubs include spinning for $25/30 (albeit with far fewer bells and whistles and definitely nowhere near as much a plush, lush gym experience as what Gold's is bringing to the table). It would be great if Gold's would consider a la carte pricing to add a Studio class to their basic membership fee. Or just a drop-in rate for spinning. Just a thought. 😉

Speaking of bells and whistles, here are some treats that stood out to me: All new equipment. Looks to be about four HUGE warehouse-style rooms full of machines for cardio, strength, stretching and everything in between. Fresh handtowels for when you work out. 

There's also a Kid's Club, where for $12/month/child or $4/drop-in, you can drop the kids off while you work out. Like the rest of Gold's, it too is HUGE. And all new, clean toys and things to play with. They have the toy sections divided up by age groups. AND they have two Xboxes! As a parent with an child who would normally cringe/whine at being in a "Kid's Club," the mere mention of an Xbox would make his heart sing. Nice work, Gold's!  ALSO - they have a separate area for infants, filled with Rock-a-baby recliners and bouncy seats.

The bathrooms/changing room area is huge, filled with lockers, a sauna and many clean, big shower stalls. They also have a couple of free hairdryers for members' use.

Gold's is a welcome addition to the neighborhood! The basic membership includes a number of great classes like Zumba, BodyPump, Kickboxing, etc.  It just doesn't include my beloved (and required) spinning class. If you go, tell them I sent you; maybe they'll throw some free spinning/cycle class passes your girl's way! 👍

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

FREE, STEM-inspired Fun at Diven's Den!

Explored Diven's Den with the little lady last week. What is "Diven's Den" might you ask? Well, curious reader, Diven's Den is a fun, STEM-inspired playroom located in the basement of the Laurel Historical Society, filled with crafts and activities designed to teach the young'ns a bit about the history of Laurel. Before I get into the fun we had there, know that it's best for ages 2+; they'll spend about an hour exploring and it's FREE!  

A workstation is filled with crayons, markers, paper, scissors, pipe cleaners, cubes, and little projects to keep wee hands busy. Many of the suggested projects have little cards explaining how to do XYZ. Surrounding the table are posters that share nuggets of Laurel's history. There's also a cool, potholder weaving project that older kids will enjoy.

Speaking of older kids (by older, I mean 5-8 years old, give or take), there's also a "Simple Machines" section, stocked with gears, levers, wheels and axles, teaching kids how different mills and foundry machines worked by demonstrating how "simple machines make work easier by reducing the amount of force needed." 

My lil one is mad about cooking/kitchen so she had a fun time preparing plates upon plates of play food for us as well as pots and pots of tea....A mother's love.....

There's also a basket of attire reflecting the fashion of 1800s Laurel. Like these chic hats! 

Tips: During the colder months, make a morning out of it by checking out Diven's Den and then heading over to explore the Laurel Library (read why it's one of our faves, here). During warmer months, plan to spend some time afterwards strolling along the Riverwalk and see the remains of the old Laurel dam (which the kiddos get their extra wiggles out).

Speaking of the Laurel Historical Society, it's 2018 exhibit is definitely worth your time and compact enough to explore as your little one tugs at your jacket. "We the People: How Civic Engagement has Shaped Laurel" demonstrates "how engaged average citizens have shaped and continue to shape the history of our town." The Society also just selected Ann Bennett as its new Executive Director. Excited to learn more about Ann and her plans for the Laurel Historical Society!

Diven's Den is located at 817 Main Street, Laurel, Maryland.  Diven's Den is open during Museum Open Hours (Wednesdays & Fridays, 10am-2pm, Sunday 1-4pm). On-street parking.

Been to Diven's Den? Got other places for Route One Ladayz to explore?  Share your recommendation in the comments below!

Friday, March 23, 2018

New Multi-Aged Playground Coming Soon to University Park!

Last Sunday, March 18th, marked the groundbreaking for the new Wells Run playground in University Park. As you can see, looks like work has already begun to bring this new, multi-age playground to life!

From what I've gathered, they expect for the new playground to be up and ready by the end of May. As a local parent with two children of varying ages who have outgrown the Town's Tot-Lot, I'm excited for this multi-age playground.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Kids' Weekend Guide: March 23rd-25th

Explore Bus is back in town this weekend!
Kids' Passport to Maryland History, Birthday Bash at Patuxent Research Refuge, Garden Party at Community Forklift, Easter Egg hunts galoreExplore! Children's Museum Mission Mobile BusGame of Step Competition and more!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Adults' Weekend Guide: March 22nd-25th

Community Forklift's Garden Party & Spring Fundraiser is this Saturday!

Exciting Weekend Folks! Lineup includes Joe's Movement's Night at the Club honoring local visionaries like Margaret & Pamela Boozer-Strother, a DIY Zine Workshop at Pyramid, Pop Punk Galore at MilkBoy ArtHouse, Color Story CreativeSaturday ride to March for Our Lives, Community Forklift's Garden Party & Spring Fundraiser, CAMPSpace's Grand Opening & more, all inside Route One Fun's Adults' Weekend Guide!

*Due to tricky weather, don't forget to call ahead to confirm events are still going on.

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Color Story Creative is Bringing Thought-Provoking Pop-Up Art to Route One Communities!

What do you get when you mix three amazingly creative and talented, local businesswomen together with the mission of highlighting the talent of local artists while bringing colorful and thought-provoking pop-up art into local communities?  You get Color Story Creative! Their first show, HER STORY, shines a light on the contributions of some women who live and work here in Hyattsville and opens on Saturday, March 24th. Tickets here and more details below!

Color Story Creative is (L-R) Krissi Humbard, Betsy Martin & Bronwyn King
📷 by Juliette Fradin Photography
So, who are these ladies and why are they on this mission? Here's a little bit about Hyattsville's Krissi, Betsy and Brownyn:

Krissi Humbard is a journalist and a social media manager. If you haven't already met Krissi, there's a good chance that you've read her work in Hyattsville Life and Times and/or been virtually touched by her social media magic as she manages the Instagram account for ourhyattsville, a lovely look into everyday lives of local Hyattsville residents.

Betsy Martin is an art director, designer, occasional photographer and letter lover (check out her amazing work here). (Also, if you've ever been to Scissor & Comb Salon in Takoma Park, know that Betsy designed their awesome logo and website. She's also worked her creative magic for  NPR, The White House. You know, NBD. 😄 )

Bronwyn King is an artist and curator/manager of Hyattsville's Studio SoHy. Outside of this work, Bronwyn manages her own small design firm, Bronwyn King Design. Check out some of her magic here!

Design by Notjane/Betsy Martin

Q & A with Color Story Creative!

How did you come up with the idea for Color Story Creative?  Color Story Creative really started from a desire to help bring more art events to Hyattsville. There are a wide range of available spaces in Hyattsville that lend themselves nicely to pop-up art installations and there's a huge community of talented artists in and around the area. So for us, making use of the available space to highlight the work of the many talented artists in our area to create something new was the direction we wanted to go with Color Story Creative.  HER STORY debuts this combination and is a sample of the type of art we would like to use in re-thinking these empty spaces.

What are your short-term / long-term goals with Color Story Creative? Our main goal is to help make Hyattsville more of an arts destination. A place where you want to stop and check out art on walls, art in studios, art in businesses.

Tell me a bit about your first installation, HER STORY.  HER STORY is both a collaborative installation and panel discussion featuring women artists and entrepreneurs. With the installation, we really wanted to present positive messaging and make some of it interactive. Several of the pieces are type driven and include a mural wall, a large scale fiber piece that plays with the notion of traditional female crafts, and pieces that encourage the viewer to add their voice to the collective story. The design and creation of most of the pieces are by Betsy Martin. The panel is also focused on delivering a positive message and is meant to shine a light on the contributions of some women who live and work here in Hyattsville, and whose professional expertise, in most cases, sits at the intersection of art and commerce.

How will you involve the local community in your work? From a location perspective, we are involving a number of local businesses. The panel will be hosted at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, and will be followed by a social gathering at CAMPspace featuring food and drink from local female-owned businesses. A locally curated swag bag will be available to panel guests and will feature artisan goods from female-owned businesses local to Hyattsville. The actual art installation will be in Studio Sohy, which is housed within Vigilante Coffee.

Courtesy of Color Story Creative. 📷 by Juliette Fradin Photography.

What are you most excited about with this new project? Maybe the most exciting part of this project is the way it's been received by local businesses and individuals who have been tremendously supportive and have made generous contributions as event sponsors. We have been overwhelmed by their generosity and their willingness to support this show in our community.

Speaking of local businesswomen, HER STORY kicks off with a panel discussion at 4pm at Pyramid Atlantic. The Panel is comprised of the following kick-ass female business owners who will discuss their successes and challenges: Ruth Gresser, Chef and Owner of Pizzeria Paradiso, Ashley Bodine, Partner & CFO of Vigilante Coffee Company; Angela Justice, Co-Founder of Green Owl Design; and Heather Roymans, Partner & Executive Director of IFDC. This lively discussion will be led by Kate Taylor Davis, Executive Director of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.

Who are your favorite designers or artists? Betsy’s Faves: Barbara Kruger, Paula Scher, Lisa Congdon (All three of us love Lisa Congdon). And female artists in my family that I always looked up to: my aunt, Carol Black; my great-grandmother, Lena Martin and my great-aunt Grace Martin.
Bronwyn's Faves: Jenny Saville, Margaret Kilgallen, Ilenia Martini, Julia Rothman, Alice Neel, Carla Fuentes and Amy Sherald. Krissi's Faves: Yayoi Kusama, Polly Apfelbaum, and Ellie Whittaker.
Courtesy of Color Story Creative. Design by notjane/Betsy Martin.

HER STORY kicks off with the 4pm panel at Pyramid Atlantic, followed by a meet & greet social at 5pm in CAMPspace (w/ awesome food and drink from female owned/co-owned businesses in the area, including Chaia DC, Vigilante, DC Souk, Baklava Couture, Denizens Brewing, Pizzeria Paradiso and Divine Chocolate)!  The panel + meet and greet are ticked events (ticket includes swag bag). The installation is free and opens at Studio Sohy at 6pm.

Get your tickets here today and support this truly local and creative endeavor to bring more art to our communities! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

February Sights Along Route One!

Enjoy peoples, places and general life along Route One? Me, too. Check out these pics of February Sights Along Route One! Maybe you'll be in one soon! 😊

Spotted Hyattsville's Clarke Bedford's amazing creations up in University Park!

Look at all that detail! Love spotting and exploring Bedford's work! 

DYK there's a roller skating rink in Temple Hills? Temple Hills Skate Palace - It's huge!

Ever taken a look at the awesome paintings that adorn the walls inside the Mall at Prince Georges? (Just outside of Target.) In the "Gorgeous Prince George's Mural Project," 142 students from 12 high schools created works that depict scenes in Prince George's County from colonial times to present. First piece above by Northwestern High School students and second by Suitland Visual & Performing Arts Students.
Exploring snakes at Watkins Nature Center (free!) in Upper Marlboro!

Lil ladies exploring one of the nature boxes at Watkins Nature Center.

Free Kids' Yoga at Riverdale Park Bikram Yoga, courtesy of Dr. Anamelechi (left, below) of Children's Choice Pediatric Dentistry

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"In Harmony" by Paul Steinkoenig, outside Chambers Funeral Home in Riverdale Park. 

More about In Harmony  here.

Please comment below if you dig this type of post. 😊 Maybe I'll do another for March! :) In the meantime, you can check out more photos on Route One Fun's Facebook and Instagram pages!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Take a Hike! Greenbelt Park

Exploring the Great Outdoors at Greenbelt Park!

When the warmer weather arrives, we'll all be itching to enjoy the outdoors, amirite?!? Lucky for us, we've got a ton of great, local options to do just that, including nearby Greenbelt Park! With nine miles of trails and three picnic areas, it's a great place to explore the Great Outdoors!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Kids' Weekend Guide: March 16th-18th

Clowns, Acrobats, Jugglers all converging in Mt. Rainier this weekend!

Women's History Month celebration, Young Women in STEM Fair, Hands on Drums (+ baba Ras D!), Mad Hatter Party, Clowns Without Borders, Ice Skating Fundraiser and more, all this weekend along Route One!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Adults' Weekend Guide: March 15th-18th

Blue Plains is playing at MilkBoy ArtHouse this weekend!

Trivia Night in Laurel, Barre at the College Park Aviation Museum, Zine-making workshop in North Brentwood, Community Yoga in Hyattsville, Fez Tones Hafla in Greenbelt & more - all along Route One, all this weekend!

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