Kenyan-style Samosas at Bowie’s Samosa Supreme!

Sisters Jayne Musonye and Rose Musonye-Smith, co-owners of Samosa Supreme!
📷 Source: Samosa Supreme

After attending a kiddo’s birthday party in Bowie this past weekend, I grew hungry and decided that no amount of last week’s leftover goldfish retrieved from the nearest car seat was going to be enough for me. I needed real food. A quick search on old reliable listed Samosa Supreme as being the nearest restaurant; I love samosas and the reviews sounded really good – so off we went.

This place is great for carnivores and vegetarians alike! On the meat side, they’ve got samosas with ground beef, turkey and chicken. Vegetarians will similarly enjoy their variety of either a lentils or potatoes and peas-based samosas. They’ve also got sweet samosas (think mango and cream cheese, guava and cream cheese, etc).

When I first looked at the menu, I was expecting some sort of chick pea or spinach and paneer-based samosas to choose from. (Up until that point, the only samosas I’d eaten were of the Indian variety.) I think my prolonged staring at the menu is what prompted co-owner Rose Musonye to save me from myself as she took the time to graciously explain that these were Kenyan samosas. As their website notes: “Samosas originated in India and eventually spread to other areas of the world including Kenya where the local residents added their own cultural twist to the dish.”

One such twist where Kenyan samosas are concerned would be their serving wedges of fresh lime for you to spritz on your samosa. Instead of yogurt/raita, you spritz a bit of lime onto the top of your samosa after each bite. I love lime and all its nutritional benefits so baby girl and I had a grand time spritzing after each bite! These samosas also differ from the traditional Indian ones in that the dough here is lighter and crisper (almost phyllo dough-ish but not as fragile). As the food here is made to order, expect to wait about 10-15 minutes for your order (or call ahead, as they recommend).

We got the Samosa Scrumptious (lentils, spices, onions, peppers, cilantro, scallions), the Samosa Delectable (potatoes and peas, spices, onions, cilantro, scallions), Emerald Rice (spinach, white rice), Savannah Beans (baby lima beans, sweet corn) and french fries. Because, I love french fries like no other. And these were delish! They were thick, long, substantial and subtle-y salty. (Being a Dubliner who frequented chippers with her fam back in the day, I know a thing or two about good chips/french fries!)

We’ll definitely be making another visit for Samosa Supreme for Kenyan samosas next time we’re in Bowie. Until then, you go and check it out and report back in the comments below!

Quick note: If you ever find yourself at a kiddo’s birthday party at Silver Stars Gymnastics in Bowie, know that Samosa Supreme is just around the corner!

Note 2: This was a carry-out style place. It was no worry on this end, but just noting in case you make a trip out expecting to be able to sit down. Your car will have to do (hopefully not as many random goldfish as mine)!

Note 2: All of their dishes are prepared without any egg product or preservatives; helpful to know for those with egg-related allergies.

Note 3: They offer curbside service for customers with disabilities. 👏 All you have to do is park in the space denoted by the disabilities sign and call the listed number for assistance.  Good to know as there are a couple of steps involved before getting inside Samosa Supreme!

Thursday – Saturday: 11 am — 8 pm       Sunday: 11 am — 5 pm


14207 Old Annapolis Road
Unit C
Bowie, MD 20720

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