Art Supplies + School Projects + Birthday Gifts = Get Thee to Artist & Craftsman Supply Hyattsville

Stepped inside Artist & Craftsman Supply (A&C) in Hyattsville for the first time back in November of last year; they had set up an ugly sweater photo booth and were offering folks free pics of themselves donning these beaded creations, so you know I had to be there. 😉

I’m so glad I’m attracted to cheap thrills (like my husband 😆) because this little adventure opened my eyes to all that the amazing things this place has to offer – and not just to experienced artsy/craft-sy folks, but to dabblers like me, too. Beginner origami packets, amazing range of decorative, handmade paper to serve as the background for that vision board I never finished, markers and paints in every color you can imagine, paint brushes ranging in sizes from teeny tiny to holy cannoli, poster boards that come in more colors the usual meh, blah and whatever (and costing less than those insipid CVS  versions)! It’s perfect for a bajillion things, but as a momma with the school’s Literary Extravaganza on my mind, it’s an especially great place to get all your school project supplies!

Big brush or just a tiny kid? 

There’s a whole section dedicated to kids’ toys, puzzles, card games, board games, fortune telling fish (remember those?!?!), mobiles, puppets, etc.

Also a section dedicated to kids’ art and craft supplies:

So on top of having an artist’s wishlist of supplies, A&C is staffed by top notch staff who are knowledgeable about the products and who, as artists themselves, know of what they speak. In fact, one such employee and artist, Isak Shah, has a show on right now at Studio SoHy in Hyattsville! Speaking of employees, A&C is a 100% employee-owned company. 👏

A & C fab employees Colton, Isak and Ray – and behind them an amazing
wall of beautiful sheets of paper (~$5/sheet)!


James, Paloma, Appollon (gato) & Ellen of A & C Hyattsville!

As you may have noticed in Route One Fun’s Weekend Guides, A&C many times offers free or low-cost events to our local communities – like a recent Valentine’s origami event and a kids’ thank you card event. So go, check ’em out. And then, after you enjoy a coffee at Vigilante, stop nextdoor to check out Isak’s show.

Artist & Craftsman Supply
4902 43rd Ave
Hyattsville, MD 20781
(301) 887-1104


Have you been to A & C yet? Drop a comment below! 🙂 
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