Kids’ Dance, Yoga, & Creative Movement Classes at Joe’s Movement Emporium + FREE CLASS!

If you’ve seen my post here about the Adults’ Movement Classes at Joe’s Movement Emporium in Mt. Rainier, then you’ve noticed how much I enjoy movin’ and shakin’ (ideally more movin’ than shakin’ but still…). So it should come as no surprise to learn that my young ones love to get movin’, too! Thankfully, Joe’s also offers fun weekday and weekend movement classes for kids of all ages! Baby digs yoga? There’s a class here for that. Toddler likes to run around and explore while whirling a hula hoop? There’s a class here for that. First grader and up likes to dance to hip hop or jazz? There’s a class here for that.

☘ Lucky for you, Route One Fun readers can try a Youth Movement class of your choice for FREE! Register here for a class, enter code ROUTE1MOVESITMINI at checkout through May 31st and voila, your kid’s class is free! 👏

Youth Movement Classes at Joe’s Movement Emporium! 


Listed below are the menu of fun kids’ classes as well as my fabulous feedback (in italics) on the classes we had a chance to explore! 😄  Use the promo code to try your first class for free. After that, classes are $10 to drop-in or you can buy a youth 10-class pass for $80 (basically $8 a class). Sweet deal!

Toddler Movement Playdate: Mondays @ 10:30am-12pm
Explore physical expression in an open dance studio with guided activities and exciting props to create a world of sensory exploration for toddlers and their accompanying adults.
*Loved this class for my wee one. Who knew kid-sized hula hoops would bring so much joy? She usually takes a while to warm up to a class so I wasn’t sure what to expect but with this one – she jumped, leaped, crawled, danced and skipped her way into and through this class!

Flexing our cat/cow poses!

Toddler Yoga: Tuesdays @ 10-10:45am (Crawling to 24-months)

Each class includes circle time, songs, modified yoga poses for adults and their little ones, and time for relaxation. Classes include gross motor and creative movement games and activities (often with props), storytime, and–of course—bubbles.

Baby Yoga: Tuesdays @ 11-11:45am (1 and under)
This mindful movement practice is appropriate for little ones ages 6 weeks-not-quite-crawling with their primary caregivers. Caregivers learn how to gently move their babies into postures to promote digestion, sleep, and an awareness of their wee bodies.

Creative Movers: Wednesdays @ 10:30-11:30am (Crawlers & up)
Active children will love to move in a class that integrates creative play, storytelling, dance basics, and music. Features activities to increase movement vocabulary, stamina and coordination along with listening, practicing patience, and responding to ideas with movement or rhythm.
*We had a great time at this class! Great mix of movement, building skills, listening, cooperating and storytelling wrapped up into one class! 

My graceful tumbler…!

Leap, Jump & Jam: Saturdays @ 11:15am-12pm (Ages 3-5)
A creative movement class for new dancers ages 3-5. Dancers will be introduced to the fundamentals of dance through fun movement games and exercises.
*Great option for a fun, weekend kids’ movement class! They’ll be running, skipping, hopping (one foot/both) the morning away at this class!

Move & Groove: Saturdays @ 12-12-45pm (Ages 6-9)
A jazz and hip hop movement class where dancers will be introduced to the basics of hip hop jazz through fun and challenging exercises.



Bonus for Route One Fun Readers: Joe’s Movement Emporium is offering Route One Fun readers the chance for their child to try a class of choice for free! Now through May 31st, when you register here for a class and enter the code ROUTE1MOVESITMINI, your kid’s class will be free! (You, too, can also check out an Adults’ Class for free using promo code: ROUTEONEMOVESIT.)

Thank you to Joe’s Movement Emporium for inviting me to check out your awesome classes and for sponsoring this post. And thank you, dear Route One Fun readers, for supporting the businesses that support Route One Fun! 😍

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