Good vibes & Funky Fashion at Nisey’s Boutique, Mt. Rainier

Have you stopped by Nisey’s Boutique in Mt. Rainier yet? If not, here’s why you should check it out:

1. Meet Ms. Nisey Baylor 

Nisey Baylor is a beloved powerhouse. After running a number of retail businesses in Washington, DC, including two City Kids stores on Capitol Hill, Nisey opened Nisey’s Boutique in Mt. Rainier in 1997. Proximity to DC and a growing, vibrant arts scene attracted her to the area; a growing, supportive clientele and firm roots in the local community is what keeps her here.

All four walls of Nisey’s Boutique share kind words of praise from celebrities, politicians and community members, acknowledging her work and business ethic. Nisey shared that sometimes people view the photos as a form a bragging. I didn’t see it that way at all. What I see are words from folks who appreciate her presence and what she seems to bring to the community. Moreover, you know that were this store to be called “Norman’s” and run by a dude, folks wouldn’t be speaking this way.  Keep it up, Nisey!

2. Explore the Colorful, Eclectic Array of Jewelry, Clothing, Accessories & More!

From colorful earrings to vibrant daishiki skirts to funky, handmade totes to this beautiful bag below, this lady’s got everything. I spent enough time in there to notice a couple of folks stop by and ask for items that weren’t on display, like a woman who asked Nisey to show her a collection of African hats. Nisey pulled out a bag from behind the counter and the two of them had a fun time modeling the different styles! 🙂


3. Check Out the Organic Body Butters and Natural Hair Care Products 

Wide variety of natural body lotions & butters as well as hair products. I didn’t get a chance to capture them all but here’s a sampling!


4. Enjoy Lively Conversation with an Experienced Small Business Owner 

You’ll spot this tea station first thing when you walk inside Nisey’s Boutique. It’s her way of  welcoming you into the store and introducing you to some of the local events happening in the community, a la flyers and postcards lining the nearby wall.

Linger long enough, as I did 😃, and Nisey will share stories about how this particular bag was made or how this local artist was inspired to create that painting. You can tell she really puts a lot of thought into deciding what items to sell. It also sounds like she does a fair amount of mentoring local artisans and makers, looking to start their own small businesses. Based on her longevity, they’d be wise to heed her advice!

If you are looking for something special, unique and different, support local small businesses and check out Nisey’s!

Nisey’s Boutique
4007 34th Street
Mt. Rainier, MD 20712

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