Explore University Hills Duck Pond Park (& Playground)!

Another nearby playground – Lane Manor! Read on….

Yes, it’s chilly, I know – but it’s supposed to be warming up this Friday so putting this possibly new-to-you playground (and duck pond!!) on your what-should-we-do-with-the-kids radar!

A while back, we rode our bikes to explore University Hills Duck Pond Park in Hyattsville. We entered the park at 3400 Stanford Street and came across this fun playground area. Two playground sets; one for the toddler crew and another for the 5+ crowd.


It being a lovely day, we decided to ride our bikes along the path and explore a bit more of the area.  Boy, were we glad we did as we discovered TWO MORE PLAYGROUNDS in the same-ish park, again one for the toddler crew, another for the 5-12 year olds.

Turns out this second playground is technically in Lane Manor Community Park. You learn something new everyday! 🙂 If you want to head to this second playground first and you’re driving, you’d do best to enter off of the entrance off of University Blvd East; there’s a parking lot adjacent to the playground. For the first playground, head down Wells Parkway. Parking lot next to playground, as well.

BONUS: There’s a duck pond at University Hills Park, too!! We love to check out the ducks so sharing in case this, too, might delight your day! 🙂

Tip: We’ve always visited during off-seasons, so recreation center facilities were not open for bathroom use. That said, port-a-potties were nearby. And in decent condition, insofar as those things go….

Have you been to either of these playgrounds?  Any local playgrounds on your top 5 list?  Share in the comments! 

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