Coming Soon: Red Onion Records to Hyattsville!

Happy New Year, Route One! Got some exciting news for y’all; read on! 👇

So I’m taking the kiddos to the playground across from Yoga Space the other day and what do I spot out of the corner of my bespectacled eyes but some funky album covers lining the windows of 4208 Gallatin Street. As a lady who excitedly used up her hard-earned savings back in the day to buy her own 7″ of Kajagoogoo’s Too Shy Shy, me and records go way back. Sometimes embarrassingly back, as I just admitted, but back nonetheless. Even just the image of a record brings up good memories and stories longer than blog posts will permit.  But anyhoo – back to this post.

Turns out Red Onion Records (ROR) is coming to Hyattsville! See that storefront, below, right, with album covers in the window? That’s where ROR will be opening its second location, first one being in DC on U & 16th. As with the DC location, this location will buy and sell used records, CDs and more. Fun fact: ROR is owned by a local Hyattsville resident – Joshua Harkavy! 👏


According to a recent post on the HOPE Listserv, Harkavy is actively looking to buy used records, “specifically looking for Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues, Punk/New Wave, Country, Folk, Soul, and Modern Music.” If this call sings to you (get it?!), email Harkavy at

On a more personal level, it’s cool to know that Red Onion Records will be setting up shop in town. Back when we were preparing for the arrival of our firstborn, we sold a number of beloved records to ROR in DC. It was hard parting with the albums but we needed the space – and money. 😖 Josh paid a fair price and clearly knew his stuff – even getting excited about a Garden Variety LP, a band local to Long Island and which we were sure nobody else knew about…. Turns out Josh hails from Strong Island, too! 🙂 Relatedly, when the hubs later returned to sell another round of his records to ROR, Josh remembered him and took the time to share that an eager buyer had picked up his 12″ EP by The Clean. As selling the albums wasn’t the easiest thing to do, knowing that they were going to folks who were eager to give them a listen brought some sunshine to our day.

Looking forward to your grand opening in Hyattsville 
(& to restarting our record collection), Red Onion Records! 

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