Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Where Am I Wednesday - Historic House Edition!

Have you seen this historic house during any of your travels along Route One in Prince George's County?  Can you correctly identify where the Holbrook House calls home?

Holbrook House, College Park, Prince George's County
Photo by Brian Jackson
According to the description, "[T]he Holbrook House was built in an excellent example of a mail-order house and one of two examples of the Alhambra model from Sears Roebuck and Company known to exist in Prince George's County today."

📷 Thanks to Brian Jackson for submitting this photo for Route One Fun's #whereamIwednesday series! Would you like your photo of a cool-though-off-the-beaten-path place along Route One featured in this series?  Send it my way!  👏

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Marco & Polo Central Asian Cuisine Opening Soon in Hyattsville

Marco & Polo Central Asian Cuisine, a new restaurant featuring the "exotic flavors of the Silk Road" is opening this September next to Old Dominion Brewhouse in Hyattsville! 😋 You can expect the menu for this new restaurant to include foods blending the best of Asian, Russian, Uzbek and Turkish cuisines. Quadruple yum! 

Ever taste some legendary Uyghur noodles? How about Turkish lentil soup? Urumchi salad?  Well, you'll soon have you chance to indulge as these appear to be some of Marco & Polo's specialties.

Marco & Polo Central Asian Cuisine Hyattsville Maryland
📷 source: Marco & Polo's Facebook Page 

A quick look at their Facebook page shows a menu including Uyghur Adana Beef Kabab, Steamed Lamb Dumplings, Shish Kebab (lamb, beef or chicken), Uyghur Kordax Mix and more! (And for those needing a refresher, the Silk Road refers to the ancient trading route that connected the East and West, from China in the east to Persia and on to the Mediterranean in the west, as described here.)

Seems like something quite unique for this area, no? Looking forward to checking out Marco & Polo when it opens next month! Also looking forward to checking out the nearby Vie Cafe, also opening this fall as I shared in this post here.

Marco & Polo Central Asian Cuisine is coming soon to 6504 America Blvd, Hyattsville.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Kids' Weekend Guide: August 10th-12th

Art Works Now Maryland Toddler Time

Fun with Feathered Friends, Hands-on Arts & Crafts, Storytime-a-plenty and more along Maryland's Route One in Route One Fun's Kids' Weekend Guide!

Many thanks to Riverdale Park Station for sponsoring this guide! 
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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Adults' Weekend Guide: August 9th-12th

Proteus Bicycles College Park
Tour de Brew is this weekend! 📷: Proteus Bicycles

A Groove Dance Party in Beltsville, Tour 🚲 de 🍺 Brew kicking off in College Park, Battle of Bladensburg Encampment in Riverdale Park, Airmail Centennial Celebration in College Park & more, all inside Route One Fun's Adults' Weekend Guide!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Where Am I Wednesday

Where does this colorful, glass "Totem" sculpture call home?  (Hint: This public art was commissioned by the Hyattsville CDC but is not located in Hyattsville.) Perhaps you've seen this tall piece of local art while walking along one the bike paths / Rhode Island Trolley Trail (big hint, there!)? Perhaps you can't put your finger on the precise location but the artist's work you've seen many times before? Highly plausible, as sculptor Alan Binstock is kind of a big deal here, there and everywhere! 😊 (In fact, his Ribbon of Life sculpture was the subject of this Route One Fun post here.)

Totem Alan Binstock Local Art Sculpture Prince George's County

Or perhaps you've passed this sculpture as you walked by the vacant buildings across the street and came up with a bajillion ideas as to what local, small businesses you'd like to see set up shop there. Me, too, buds.  Me, too.

So - in which Route One community is this sculpture located?  

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Kids' Weekend Guide: August 3rd-5th

Summer fun continues with Baby Water Play in Laurel, Bookworm Bookends in Hyattsville, Crafternoon - Dance Painting in Bowie, Dinosaur Park in Laurel, STEM:tastic & Astronomy Star Party in Greenbelt & more, all inside Route One Fun's Kids' Weekend Guide!

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Adults' Weekend Guide: August 2nd-5th

Kathryn Polk Pyramid Atlantic Art Center Hyattsville
📷 Art by Kathryn Polk via Pyramid Atlantic

From an art opening in Hyattsville, boot camp in Bladensburg, yoga in College Park, to a film screening and an 'All the Stars' Outdoor Dance Party in Brentwood, this weekend is gonna be one for the books!

Many thanks to this weekend's sponsor! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Jersey Mike's Subs Opens this Wednesday in Riverdale Park w/ Fundraiser for Joe's Movement Emporium!

Jersey Mike's Subs is opening its first Riverdale Park location this Wednesday, August 1st!  To kick off their grand opening, they're holding a free sub fundraiser from Wednesday, August 1st to Sunday, August 5th in support of Joe's Movement Emporium! What does this mean? It means that if you use this coupon (print or show on phone) during those days, you can get a free sub just for donating $2 or more to Mt. Rainier's Joe's Movement Emporium!  👏 Lunch this week? Done! ✅

Jersey Mike's Subs Riverdale Park Maryland

I stopped by Jersey Mike's Subs Riverdale Park location a couple of weeks back to get a sneak peek and chat with Kyle Yancey, Jersey Mike's VP of Operations for this area. In addition to sharing how all the subs are sliced to order, how the bread is baked for the day and the vegetables are all from local producers, Kyle shared that he's a native of Greenbelt and currently resides in Hyattsville with his family. Yay! Dig all the local love going on right there!  😊 I will also note that Kyle is really down to earth dude who worked his way up through the ranks at Jersey Mike's over the years; I imagine he'd be a good boss. Putting that out there as he mentioned that they were hiring for all types of positions at this location.  

I also dig how Jersey Mike's Subs makes it a priority to give back to the local communities by hosting Day of Giving fundraisers that, since 2010, have raised over $34 million for charities in their local communities. 👏

Jersey Mike's Subs is located at 6761 45th Street, Riverdale Park, Maryland (10am-9pm, seven days a week). If you stop by, let me know what sub you got and what you think! :) 

Monday, July 30, 2018

DC's Taqueria Habanero Coming to College Park, Maryland

Thanks to a tip from Route One Fun ladyfan, Annie Campbell, it looks like DC's Taqueria Habanero will soon be opening a new location in College Park, Maryland! Appears that the Mexican restaurant will be located along the Route One Corridor in the Campus Village Shoppes (same area as where Pho D'Lite, Poh-Yo Rotisserie and College Park Liquors (It all clicked for you after I mentioned that last one, didn't it? 😆))

Taqueria Habanero Colllege Park Maryland
📷 by Black Radish Handmade

According to Taqueria Habanero's website, owners Dionicio Montero and Mirna Alvarado worked for Chef Jose Andres soon after immigrating to the United States twenty years ago. Their DC location gets tons of good reviews, with folks applauding their "authentic Mexican" cuisine, including tortillas, huaraches, salsa and quesadillas made on the spot. The menu is full of tacos, tortas, quesadillas, fajitas, enchiladas, chilaquiles and a section for vegetarians, including mushrooms tacos, cactus tacos and memelas!

Taqueria Habanero College Park Maryland
📷 by Taqueria Habanero - Tacos de Cuerito made with blue corn tortillas.

Not having been to DC's Taqueria Habanero before, I asked Annie for her thoughts on this Mexican restaurant, to which she noted: "If it's the same place that's on 14th in Columbia Heights, LOTS OF 👍👍👍👍."  Seeing as Annie is the local fiber artist and the creative force behind Black Radish Handmade, I'm gonna take her word for it!

🌮 Between Edmonston's Taqueria La Placita, Riverdale's Las Comadres and Taqueria El Mexicano in Hyattsville, we really do have great Mexican restaurants nearby - and soon we'll have one more!

As gratitude for this knowledge drop, go ahead and check out Annie's Etsy shop here - beautiful handmade goods like vibrant cowl-neck scarves, vegan rainbow wraps,  merino shawls and more!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Inside Streetcar 82 Brewing Co in Hyattsville, Maryland!

Streetcar 82 Brewing Company Hyattsville
Streetcar 82's Mark Burke
Streetcar 82 Brewing Company in Hyattsville recently opened its craft beer doors with special hours as the Gallaudet grads put the final touches on what's already become a go-to spot for beer lovers all along Maryland's Route One Corridor and Washington, DC! Haven't had a chance to stop by yet?  Then enjoy this delightfully amateur video of the inside magic of Streetcar 82!

This week's beer taps included a Stout with Belgian yeast, a Stout with English yeast, an American Pale Ale and a New England IPA. 🍺 While I didn't get to imbibe this round, I'm looking forward to checking out all of the beer taps soon! :)  Speaking of, be sure to check their Facebook and Instagram accounts for latest operating hours. Cheers! 🍺

Have you stopped by yet? Will you buy me a round? ðŸ˜‰

More about Streetcar 82 Brewing Co from their website:

The name:

"Our brewery takes its name from the 82 Streetcar line which ran from 1888 until its closing on September 7, 1958. This line started at 5th & G St and continued through the neighborhoods of Eckington, Woodridge, Mt. Rainier, Hyattsville, and College Park. The video on the introduction page chronicles the route starting at the intersection of Florida Ave and New York Ave in NE DC and runs through all the neighborhoods listed above. The route follows Rhode Island Ave (Rt. 1) for the majority of the trip. We chose this name because all three of us live on the path this line took through our neighborhoods and we can easily imagine ourselves hopping onto Streetcar 82 and meeting up at our brewery to make and drink craft beer!"

The Location:

In one Community is very important to the three of us. We all graduated from Gallaudet University, a tight-knit community which is right down the road from our location. After we graduated, we left to start our careers in different parts of the country. All three of us came back here because of the community support that is unique to this area. We have the support of a large Deaf community, each of our neighborhoods (Eckington, Woodridge, and Hyattsville) has a unique, distinctive identity, and small town feel. We know our neighbors and we can say, "Hello, how is your spouse/family/dog/cat doing?" This is something that we all feel deeply about and want to create a place where people can come together, be neighborly, and enjoy beer.

In short:

Local? ✅ You betcha! Mark Burke lives in Hyattsville, Jon Cetrano in Woodridge and Sam Costner in Eckington.
Food? Bring your own Baby changing table? ✅
Kids' games? ✅ (cornhole and hopefully soon getting a life-sized tic-tac-toe game)
Delicious beer? ✅
Dog-friendly? ✅

If you want some Streetcar 82 gear, head over to their Kickstarter page and check 'em out!

Streetcar 82 Brewing Co is located at 4824 Rhode Island Ave, Hyattsville MD 20781

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Things to Do with Kids this Weekend Along Maryland's Route One: July 27th-29th

Frolick in the fountain this weekend! 

Explore Lake Allen in Laurel, Splash around in Riverdale Park, get your art on in Hyattsville, take a hike in Greenbelt or maybe some indoor fun with Pinball in College Park! Route One Fun's Kids' Weekend Guide is full of answers to your what-to-do-this-weekend questions! :)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Things to Do this Weekend Along Maryland's Route One: July 26th-29th

Wylder National Arboretum Washington DC
📷 by Wylder Playing at National Arboretum this week!

(7/26 Update - Wylder’s show has been canceled due to wet grounds.) Catch indie rockers Wylder by the Capital Columns of nearby National Arboretum, some Trap & Paint in Hyattsville, Summer Concert Series in Riverdale Park, Essential Oils in Mt. Rainier all leading up to a Sonic Infusion in College Park filled with tarot card readings and signature cocktails to ease you into the week ahead!

Thanks to this weekend's sponsor! 

Where Am I Wednesday

Time for #whereamiwednesday, Route One! Can you correctly guess where in Prince George's County this mural calls home? Hint: It's in Maryland. 😁

Play in the comments below or over on Route One Fun's Facebook and Instagram pages (both of which you should follow for even more of the latest happs along Maryland's Route One)!  

Monday, July 23, 2018

Help Local Mt. Rainier Family Recover After Devastating House Fire

A local Mt. Rainier family recently lost everything in their lifelong home of 25 years when it caught fire last Friday night. Neighbor Beth Skirkanich has put together this GoFundMe page with a goal of raising $5,000 to help Nicholas and Ligia Williams get through the next couple of months. Time and again, our local communities have come together to help one another, especially at times like this. If you have a minute and the means, please visit the GoFundMe page and do what you can to help Mt. Rainier's Mr. & Ms. Williams.

According to an email from Carthy Boston, the family has an immediate need for the following items:
  • Rain jacket shell, umbrella, Shoes:5.5” women’s and 8.5” men’s. Pants, men’s 34” x 30” woman’s pants. Small or Petites in women’s clothing. Blankets, used laptop, flashlight, hammer.
  • And any Glut Certificates (they start at $10, $25 etc) for Food items.
"Mayor Miles has given CERT the go ahead to use The police Department as a drop off point for any goods. Please identify them as CERT - Williams. If the police department is closed feel free to send an email to [ cdorset at yahoo dot com ] and we will have the items collected and get them to the family."

Excerpted from GoFundMe page:

"Nicolas and Ligia Williams are the kind-hearted and gentle Mount Rainier residents who recently lost everything in their lifelong home of 25 years when it caught on fire, burned to pieces Friday night. Our town, the City of Mt. Rainier is a close-knit community where love and art comes together, and city residents aren’t bashful about sharing, caring, swapping goods and helping each other out. I was moved to do this act of kindness because 15 years ago the Williams family welcomed me into this artsy city with opened arms. They are more than my neighbors they are good trusted friends.

Last night, in less than one hour everything they owned was gone, burned beyond recognition. The firefighters of this great city did a fantastic job keeping the fire contained and city residents came together to offer support in this unfortunate tragedy. I was moved at how unique this town truly is – a loving supportive community. I would like to thank and I know they would as well, everyone for their gracious and generous assistance that has been provided thus far; the Williams will need a lot more help to get back on their feet.

We are all very grateful that there was no loss of life, I know there will be hard times ahead for the Williams. I'd like to ask all of you reading this to donate what ever amount you can, nothing is too small, to help them through their very rough transition in the next few months. They are my neighbors and my friends and welcomed me into the neighborhood when I moved here. I'd love to show them support from the city that they have poured their hearts into since they first became residents 25 years ago. Their home was possibly one of the oldest in the city, dating to pre-1900s. and this Go Fund Me page was created to help them get on a path of getting their basic and immediate needs met.

If your reading this page, it means that you care. Please donate any little, or any amount to help the Williams get back to the life they once knew, having a place to call home. (all proceeds with the exception of a small fee which GFM takes, will go directly to the William's Family)

To help me get the word out, and get others that you know might want to help to donate please share this link to your Twitter pages, Facebook Timelines, email the link to friends/family, and any known Mount Rainier residents.

Thank you for all your kindness."

Sunday, July 22, 2018

&pizza Now Open at Hyattsville's Mall at Prince George's!

Walked by the other day to see that &pizza just opened at Hyattsville's Mall at Prince George's!

&Pizza Hyattsville Mall at Prince George's

Dig that they have a number of options for a variety of dietary needs.  For instance, they're dairy-free mozzeralla, spicy chickpea and vegan sausage. They also offer gluten-free crust.

I believe &pizza is only accessible from the outside (right next to the new Chipotle). I hope they can add a couple of tables and chairs for some outdoor seating. 😃

&Pizza Hyattsville Mall at Prince George's

Looks like it will be open 7 days a week, 11am - 10pm.

Between Hyattsville's Pizzeria Paradiso, Riverdale Park's MOD Pizza, College Park's variety of pizza places and now &Pizza, think we're reaching pizza lovers paradise!

Have you stopped by &pizza yet? Is it kid-friendly (inc. changing table in bathrooms)?  Will check out soon, too, and report back!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Kids' Weekend Fun Along Maryland's Route One! July 20th - 22nd

College Park Aviation Museum
Engineering feats this weekend! 📷 by: M-NCPPC

Tons of family-friendly (mostly FREE!) fun along Maryland's Route One this weekend! Lotus & Water Lily Festival (full of kids' activities), STEM-tastic Buzzing about Bees, Zinefest, Bladensburg Waterfront Arts Festival & more - all inside Route One Fun's Kids' Weekend Guide!

Many thanks to this weekend's sponsor!
Emily Jackson Realtor

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Adults' Weekend Guide: July 19th - 22nd

DC Zinefest
📷 by D.C. Zinefest

DC Zinefest is happening this weekend! Tribute to Linkin Park's Chester Bennington in College Park, Summer Jam & James Wine's Art Show in Hyattsville. Bladensburg Waterfront Arts Festival is back on and it's your last chance to catch #poolparty in Mt. Rainier (at a discount, too)! Share this Guide with someone you'd like to see happy this weekend. 🙋 😃 😎

Many thanks to this weekend's sponsor!
Emily Jackson Real Estate Agent

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Where am I Wednesday?!?

⏰Time for #whereamiwednesday! ⏰ Do you know where in Prince George's County these beautiful works of art by local Prince George's County Public Schools' students can be found?

High School Mural Project, Gorgeous Prince George's

There are, in fact, a number of paintings on the walls of this location that are part of the Gorgeous Prince George's: Then & Now High School Mural Project. According to a nearby description: "The Gorgeous Prince George's Mural Project gave high school visual arts students the opportunity to depict a scene in Prince George's County from colonial times to the present. One hundred and forty-two students from 12 high schools participated in the project....As a result, students researched the history of Prince George's County and the history of their school's neighborhood and community."  

Here's another from the walls of this secret place: 

Sooooo - where have you seen these murals before?!?  Play along in the comments here or on Route One Fun's Facebook and Instagram pages! 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

$1 Kids' Movies at Hyattsville's Regal Cinema (and throughout Maryland)!

FINALLY! 📽 Hyattsville's Regal Cinema's is finally participating in Summer Movie Express, a program where they show family-friendly movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for $1 a ticket. 😊 I say "finally" with some exasperation because while Regal's been doing this program now in many different cities in Maryland, Hyattsville seemed to never be on the list.  Until NOW! Whoop, whoop - and thank you, Regal!  👏

Kids' Movies at Hyattsville's Regal Cinema

Friday, July 13, 2018

Kids' Weekend Guide: July 13th-15th

Arts Drop-in at MilkBoy ArtHouse this weekend!

Dancing to Afro-Cuban Rhythms, Sing Along to Coco, Manga & Anime Club, Arts Drop-In and more inside Route One Fun's Kids' Weekend Guide! 

Special thanks to this Weekend Guide's Sponsor:

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Adults' Weekend Guide: July 12th-15th

Enjoy an evening under the stars as The Clarice presents A Midsummer Night's Dream outdoors! 
📷 source: The Clarice 

So much to choose from this weekend! Bandanas, Beats & BBQ, Nia Simone's album release party, a soap-making workshop, Sip & Dip Maryland Flag project, A discussion of Afrofuturist films throughout the diaspora, Sunday Funday Paint & Watch Party & more!  Check it out! 

Special thanks to this Weekend Guide's Sponsor!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Where Am I Wednesday - "Huey" the Helicopter Edition

For this week's edition of #whereamiwednesday, I'm sharing a pic submitted by Route One Fun reader, Brian Jackson, for your perusal!  Do you know where this Bell UH-1H "Huey" can be found in/around Route One in Prince George's County? Hint: It's not at the College Park Aviation Museum! :)

According to this article here (which you cannot read until you've made a guess!): "While it’s a little worse for wear, 'Huey' still serves as a shining example of timeless aerospace design." 

Do you have picture you'd like featured in Route One Fun's weekly #whereamiwednesday?!? (Ideally something mildly recognizable.)  Email it to me at and we'll take a look!  

Annnndddd enter your #whereamiwednesday guess here, over on Route One Fun's Facebook Page or Route One Fun's Instagram page!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

There's Still Time to Register for Summer Camp at Camp Joe's!

Still need to square away a couple of weeks of summer camp? Well, you're in luck as there's still time to register for Camp Joe's at Joe's Movement Emporium!

Ages: 4 - 13 years old (no aftercare for 4 year olds)
Dates: June 18th - August 31st | Hours: 9am - 3pm
Before care? Early drop off at 7:30am included in camp price
Aftercare? Available until 6pm for ages 5 & up; $50 per camper per week
COST? $225 per child per week

A world of arts awaits your child at Joe’s Movement Emporium this summer. 
Camp Joe’s kids are exposed to world cultures through our diverse and creative instructors who reinforce traditional academic concepts. 
Foster appreciation, imagination and exploration in your child.

3309 Bunker Hill Road | Mount Rainier, MD 20712 | 301-699-1819

This post is sponsored by Joe's Movement Emporium, whose programs and events are ones that I believe would be appealing to Route One Fun readers! 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Spotted! Funky Bike Shaped Bike Racks in Riverdale Park

Now when you bike to the Riverdale Park Farmers Market, or Town Center Market, or Archie Edwards, or Bikram Yoga or maybe even to the MARC Station, you'll have three more ways to lock those wheels up!

According to the Town of Riverdale Park's Waverly Pollitt, the Town installed the bike rack recently at the intersection of Queensbury Road and Rhode Island Ave. Fun, funky colored rack is a nice addition to the area!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

MOM's Organic Market reopens College Park Store with PINBALL Machines, Cafe & Vegetarian Eatery!

MOM's Organic Market reopened their College Park store in the former REI spot, which means that it's got way more space to showcase their goods!  We stopped by the other day and have got plenty of pics to share - including thoughts on MOM's Naked Lunch eatery, it's Witches Brew Café and its PINBALL room! Yes, there's an entire room at MOM's filled with pinball machines - 29 to be precise (and more to come)!

MOM's Organic Market Pinball Arcade College Park Vegan Vegetarian
Friendly Carlos, reading & willing to help! :) 
As you enter, fresh produce is to your right and the Witches Brew Café is straight ahead. Nice being able to get a coffee right as you start your shopping expedition! (It's worth noting that as before, they still offer free, smaller cups of coffee for customers (towards back of the store.)) 

MOM's Organic Market Pinball Arcade College Park Vegan Vegetarian

After I made my way though as many aisles as I could with two rambunctious kiddos in tow, we made our way to the prized pinball room.  Feast your eyes:

MOM's Organic Market Pinball Arcade College Park Vegan Vegetarian

Make sure to bring a couple of dollar or five dollar bills as most machines cost $0.50; there is a change machine located inside the room. 👏 My youngest was a bit too short to be able to properly play without assistance, so afterwards I asked the manager if they'd consider buying a couple of step stools for the younger/shorter crew. He seemed really receptive so hopefully that will save some of you with young ones in tow from future meltdowns!

MOM's Organic Market Pinball Arcade College Park Vegan Vegetarian

Naked Café is definitely going to be on one of my go-tos! Their menu is quite expansive, food was swiftly prepared and the service was terrific. After picking up my order, we made our way to the seating area by the windows to enjoy some delish, vegan cauliflower tacos (roasted cauliflower, seasoned chick peas, kale slaw, salsa verde and vegan crema). 🌮 (They're also got burgers, juices, desserts, etc. Full menu here.)

MOM's Organic Market College Park Vegan Vegetarian

MOM's Organic Market College Park Vegan Vegetarian

There's also a seating area by the pinball room.

MOM's Organic Market College Park Vegan Vegetarian

On the food front, I noticed at least three, tall refrigerators specifically for frozen gluten-free food as well as an aisle for dry, gluten-free products. On the logistics side, they now have at least 5 cash registers, making check-out a breeze! And they still will carry your bags to your car for you should you desire (love this courtesy)!

OK - that's what I've got from our quick jaunt there!  Have you been yet?  What did you see or like?  Share below!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Kids' Weekend Guide: July 6th - 8th

Learning about 18th century living at Monpelier's Hand-on-History Playground!

6th of July Fireworks, Family-friendly Forklift First Friday, Boys & Girls Club Soccer Clinic, Futsal, #poolparty and more inside Route One Fun's Kids' Weekend Guide!

Special thanks to this weekend's sponsor!