Sweet-Hearts in Riverdale Park!

Walking through Riverdale Park the other day, this cool, colorful and approachable sculpture near Beale Circle (behind Wells Fargo) caught my attention:

“Sweet-Hearts” by Craig Berube-Gray

Riverdale Park Public Art Initiative: “Sweet-Hearts”

I knew that the Hyattsville CDC had been busy at installing new sculptures in the area so I reached out to Justin Fair, their Economic Development Coordinator (and public art guru!) to learn about the artist behind this new installment.  Justin shared that the piece indeed part of the Riverdale Park Public Art Initiative and shared this press release, noting the artists’ names and stories behind the six new sculptures across town. Above and below are pics of  “Sweet-Hearts” by Craig Berube-Gray.

Craig Berube-Gray shares: “[‘Sweet-Hearts’] was born from the destruction of the recent hurricane that hit my home region of the Florida Keys. The outpouring of giving and love from people who have supported the community has been monumental. The work is entitled ‘Sweet-Hearts’, I believe that the simple phrases carved into this stucco and wood sculpture can be a daily reminder that showing love to your fellow person can bridge any divide in the current world.”

Riverdale Park Public Art Initiative: “Slices of Oranges”

Turns out Berube-Gray was also the sculptor of “Slices of Orange,” a work we enjoyed checking out while playing on the playground in Riverdale Recreation Park (sculpture has since been replaced).

As noted, Berube-Gray’s sculpture is one of six recent (five installed, one forthcoming) in Riverdale Park. I’m excited to check out the other new installments over winter break, especially “Great Blue Herons,” a sculpture meticulously designed by the late Joanna Blake. Stay tuned for updates and more pictures! (Update: See post about Great Blue Herons here.)

In the meantime, check out “Sweet-Hearts” when you get the chance: “Sweet-Hearts” by Craig Berube-Gray, at Beale Circle, 4513 Rittenhouse St, Riverdale Park, MD 20737.

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