Special New Year’s Day Resolution 5k parkrun + Free Yoga at Yoga Space for NEW Students (1/2-1/8/18)

Hope you and yours are gearing up for an amazing New Year! One of the great things I love about our local communities is the abundance of fun opportunities we’re offered to get/stay active with our neighbors. From Arrow Bicycle and Proteus Bicycle‘s communal bike rides to Hyattsville’s Movin’ with the Mayor and College Park parkrun, so many opps to get active while meeting new neighbors.

Speaking of, sharing two FREE, local opps that are a fun way to kick off your 2018! 

Monday, Jan. 1, two times, two locations
Come celebrate our healthy community with a special once-a-year Double parkrun.
Walk or run. Do one or both. Bring your dog, your kids, your strollers, your barcode, and your smiles.
*8:30 a.m., Leakin Park parkrun (*Baltimore)
10:30 a.m, College Park parkrun, co-hosted with Prince George’s Running Club
11:30 a.m. onwards, community brunch at the Board and Brew
FREE. Register for a parkrun barcode at parkrun.us.

Hyattsville’s Yoga Space is offering free classes to anyone new to Yoga Space for the first week of its winter session (Tuesday, January 2 – Monday, January 8, 2018). They offer Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkriais, Tai Chi, Yogalates (!), prenatal yoga & more. Fun, free chance to explore a new-to-you yoga studio!  According to the site, you can “Take one class; take two classes; take as many as you like!”
Know of other fun, free, local, community-minded, active opps to kick off the New Year?  
Enter ’em in the comments below! 
 👏❤👊❤👍❤💃❤   HAPPY NEW YEAR, ROUTE ONE!  👏❤👊❤👍❤💃❤

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