Sneak Peek Inside District Taco, Riverdale Park

Hey hey, Taco luvas!

This lil lady here was invited to check out Riverdale Park’s District Taco (DT) at its soft opening today and took a number of photos to share with y’all! While DT doesn’t officially open its doors until Monday (12/11/17) at noon (more on that, here), hopefully this sneak peek will satiate your curiosity’s appetite enough to get you through the weekend! Solidarity.

Layout and style is similar to their other restaurants. Walk in, go to right, get in line, order, get number on fun card and then wait for your food to-go or head to a table and listen for your number to be called. Rocket. Science.


After we ordered, we made our way to the seating area. As a parent with wiggly children, I appreciate the bench-style options. For those trying to escape such wiggly beings, there’s ample bar stool-style seating around the perimeter. (And yes, that’s Hyattsville Life & Times’ Digital Editor Krissi Humbard, getting her taco fix with her young’ns, too!)

I’m realizing now that we tucked into our food faster than I had a chance to scream “Don’t touch that yet or I’ll never feed you again!” but judging on the popularity of this place and the community’s anticipation of its arrival, trust that the food and service was as good as you remember! I ordered fish tacos and the young’ns ordered kids’ meals (quesadillas, rice and beans, guac). We also inhaled a bag of chips and queso. Now my kids can never say I never did anything good for them. 😄
Kids loved this salsa bar, affectionately known as the “fixins” lab by my young’ns. Cilantro for everyone! (I pity those with who only taste soap when eating cilantro. My life would not be complete without cilantro. Or my kids. Or husband.  (Good catch, right?  Whew.)


Andddd there’s coffee by Swings to accompany your breakfast taco/burrito. Or really, for anytime. I should also note that there’s free Wi-Fi and outlets within reach at pretty much every table. Sweet!

And for those wondering about the bathroom, as I always am, they do indeed have changing tables inside! Two more stars for being kid-friendly!

Are you heading to the official opening on Monday? Report back in the comments and share your feedback with Route One! 👏

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