Ceremony Coffee, Tasty Food & WiFi at Sip at C Street Flats

As we explore our many lovely towns and cities along Route One with the kiddos, we usually try to keep an eye out for places where the kids can play and where mamma can get her coffee fix nearby. This laser-tight focus is what prompted our exploration of Laurel’s Sip at C Street Flats; its delish coffee and food is what’s prompting this vignette. Timely, methinks, in the event you might want to explore/escape to a new coffeeshop when the relatives are in town…😉 Relatedly, it’s free wi-fi makes it a great spot to get some studying or work done over winter break.


Local Coffee + Craft Beer + Wine + Food (Inc. Kids’ Menu) = 👏
Sip serves Ceremony Coffee, which is a local roaster based out of Annapolis whose coffee is top-notch. While they had pour-over options, I went for the straight drip and was a happy lady. I’ve had Ceremony before so knew what to expect. Sometimes, though, especially when visiting during off-hours, coffee kept in those airpot/pump vessels can become lukewarm. Not the case here. Hot just like I like it!
As I oscillate freely between earnestly making my kids’ meals with ingredients like quinoa / hemp hearts / chia seeds and straight-up mac-n-cheese, it’s always comforting to find a kids’ menu that offers similar variety! Here, the kids’ menu allows for your to order any of their deli sandwiches in a kids’ size or you could go the grilled cheese / PB & J route.  It’s like they knew I was going to visit! 😄  As for the adults, they have a full menu (paninis, salads, soups, etc). I opted for the spinach-feta-egg concoction, which was delish.  And which I should have ordered twice as my lil lady devoured most of mine.
When my young man insisted on sitting at one of the barstools so that he could watch some Steve Harvey (jk. I forget what was on the screen…but I do love my Steve!), the kind staff noted that it wouldn’t be a problem and even made conversation with him about the upcoming school year as I sat at one of the tables and tried to wrangle the last of the food away from my daughter. 😒 I appreciated their efforts and should note that service throughout was great. 👏
Checking out the beer menu or watching the TV. We may never know…;) 
Plentiful seating and bright, airy ambiance make for a lovely setting. Also including a pic of the exterior as Sip is down towards the end of the street.
The only negative about Sip that I have is that they didn’t have a changing table in the bathroom. These things don’t cost much but do significantly make life easier for folks with cling-ons, so hopefully they’ll consider putting one in soon.
So, go explore Laurel & Sip!  Bring the kids and make a morning/afternoon of it! I recommend checking out a program happening at the Laurel Library (post about my lovin’ on the Laurel Library here), have the kid(s) then burn some energy at the adjacent playground, head to Sip for lunch then back in the car for naptime during drive home. Still more energy? Take a walk/run along Laurel’s Riverfront Park, which is right behind Sip. 👏

Comment below if you’ve been to Sip or have now been inspired to do so! 🙂 

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