Alan Binstock’s Ribbon of Life at Hyattsville’s University Town Center

Ever wonder and wander around the outside of Safeway along Route 1 in Hyattsville and stop to take in this colorful, winding, glass sculpture right on the corner near Pollo Campero?  Me, too!

Well, after enough wondering I decided to do a quick bit of research and learned that this beauty is a called “Ribbon of Life” by local sculptor Alan Binstock. I actually met Alan a while back at a Live Music Thursday event at Mt. Rainier’s Med Cafe. So cool to be living in an area where you’re chit-chatting away with local artists one day, then next you’re walking alongside one of their latest creations! 👏

According to this presser from the Hyattsville CDC, “‘Ribbon of Life'” …is a triple helix of stainless steel, with a matrix of UV and weather compatible resin, re-purposed tempered glass and an embedded welded wire, stainless steel grid. The genesis of Its design is the DNA helix: at once conjuring the essence of health-conscious living via life’s essential building blocks.”

I love how the light shines through and just pushes the colors out, demanding your attention. Well, for me at least!
What about you? Any particular local works of art that you dig? Do tell! Would love to check ’em all out!

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