Winter is Coming! Indoor Fun & Deeelish Coffee at The Board and Brew, College Park

Sometimes, you just want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while challenging your first born to a vicious game of Stratego, know what I mean?  While we could do this at home, it’s more fun to do it at The Board and Brew in College Park because (1) their coffee way more delish than my attempts; (2) it gets us out of the house; and (3) their board game library is way more extensive than our piddling collection. Like, 500+ games more extensive!!!

We’ve checked out The Board and Brew a couple of times now and always enjoy ourselves. With temps dropping, it’s a great place to explore for indoor fun! I’ll note from the get-go that if you’re taking children, I’d keep it to the 5-years old and up crowd; attention span is just that bit longer for you to actually enjoy yourselves and check out a couple of games. They’ve got many kids games including Operation, Guess Who?, Boggle, Hungry Hippos, Apples to Apples and more. It’s $5 per person for unlimited games BUT if you go weekdays before 4pm, the game fee is only $2.50 AND your accompanying child (under 10 years old) plays for free! This detail alone keeps the Board and Brew high on our list of indoor place to go for weekday/school’s out fun.

Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup and Milkshare over a game of Guess Who?
I just won Parent of the Year! 😄

As a lady who loves fine coffee, seeing an entire menu page dedicated to their offerings just made me smile: beans from Madcap, Counter Culture and Onyx and delivered in every which way you can think of (Kyoto Drip Cold Brew, Espresso, and Hand-brewed). I ended up getting the Forty Six by Counter Culture via French Press. When the kind, young gentleman server suggested that I suspend adding milk until I’ve had a chance to actually first taste the coffee, I scoffed. Probably audibly. I love my coffee with a wee bit of milk. Who’s this playa telling me how to drink my coffee?!? But he was so knowledgeable about coffee and so convincing with his pitch that I gave it a try. And…he was right! The coffee was so good and tasteful that it was good enough alone. That was actually the start of my drinking coffee black. 👏

Biking to The Board and Brew is another way to exhaust/entertain the young bucks. We made an entire morning into afternoon of our adventure to The Board and Brew by doing so. We biked along the Trolley Trail and then took the Paint Branch Trail back on to Baltimore Ave. There are a number of bike racks near The Board and Brew so finding a secure place to leave our bikes while we noshed/played was no problem.


We’ve also checked out The Board and Brew without the young’ns for date night and have had a great time. Their food menu is good (smalls plates, sandwiches, desserts) and their beer menu even better! “Hand selected for locality and quality,” it includes beer from breweries including Troeggs, Bell’s, Port City Brewing, Dogfish Head, Starr Hill, etc. Solid list.

Anyhoo. Great board games. Free wifi. Delish coffee and beer = Mamma like. Hope you find this info helpful.  Share your feedback in the comments!
The Board and Brew
8150 Baltimore Ave 
College Park, MD 20740

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