Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Whoo Goes There?! Nest of Owls Calls University Park Home

Just last week, I did a quick post here about the Yellow-Crowned Night Heron sculpture in University Park, marveling about how the sculptor, Don Becker, created this work via chainsaw! Next thing you know, I learned Becker would be at it again soon - this time repurposing a stump across from UP's Tot Lot.

I stopped by this morning to check out his latest creation and snapped a couple of pics to supplement your afternoon watercooler chitter-chatter. 💬

📷 Credit: University Park's Mayor Len Carey
I love how an owl was chosen as the subject; they're so recognizable by children and will likely inspire a fair amount of hoot on the playground...Get it!?! (I think this can be considered a mom joke. I think I just entered that territory.  Send help!  😳)

Keeping an close eye on the playground:

I also like how the baby bird's eyes are looking up at his/her momma (possibly pappa).  Or maybe they were just mid-eye-roll. I'm choosing to run with the former... :)

Anyhoo, looking forward to showing the kiddos this new addition to our public art gallery along Route 1! 💚

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