Explore The Laurel Library’s Children’s Room (Dinosaurs, Books, Toys & more)!

Highly recommend checking out the Laurel Library if you have not done so since its reopening almost a year ago.  Why?  Because its children’s room is OFF THE CHAIN and a visit will give you a sneak peek into what the forthcoming renovated Hyattsville Library will look like as its renovations are being done by the same design firm.

So, how exactly does a children’s room, let alone a children’s room in a local, public library get this kind of cred? Here’s how: It’s has a full-size Nanotyrannus fossil replica in a pit, covered by a glass walkway for all to explore!

There’s more: Books. A bajillion fresh, crisp, vibrant and meticulously organized books can be found on the shelves in the children’s room and throughout the entire library. On top of that, at the end of each bookshelf is a game to keep little hands and minds busy.

More: Ready 2 Read Storytime / Play Room: All the fruits, vegetables and little people to count to your collective hearts’ content!  There are also these ducks that the kids can play on while at the library.

More: Reading Nooks & Outside Reading Area! Weather permitting, you can enjoy your library book in this outdoor, enclosed seating area.  And these nooks!  My heart. No more words. ❤

More: A Smart Table for Wee Hands to Explore! 

Local Artwork! Right outside the library, you’ll notice a public art sculpture. This sculpture was completed by the Washington Glass Studio and incorporates glass panels made by the community residents. More on this, here.

And the Icing on the Library Cake: A Playground! While this playground is not a part of the library, it’s adjacent to it so we always plan enough time to check out the library and get some physical activity in while we’re in the area.

There’s also a bright, clean kitchenette area right as you enter the building, so you can bring some lunch to eat without needing to leave the library.

Have you been to the Laurel library yet? Do you love it? Which PGCMLS library is your favorite?  Share in the comments!  If we haven’t been, will definitely check it out!  🙂 

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