Coming Soon to Hyattsville: Goshen, a raw, vegan, juice & food spot

Exciting news: We’ll soon have a new raw, vegan spot to check out in Hyattsville! Goshen, a self-described “healthy lifestyle bodega” is due to open up over the next two weeks! (It’s on the same strip as Franklins.) Purdy excited about this development. I’d heard that they have/had a spot in Union Market, but we hadn’t yet checked it out. Now, we can just walk down the street. Whoop, whoop!

Not sure what the menu will be, but if past is prologue, might range from live ravioli made from young coconut meat and stuffed with mushrooms and olives to asparagis nori rolls to molasses macaroons to live/raw tiramisu.  Sign me up! Between this place and Mt. Rainier’s organic juice bar, The Waterhole, we’re some lucky ducks!

Have you tried Goshen before? What are your local go-to raw/vegan/vegetarian spots you’d recommend?

Goshen (Hyperlinked but their site seems to be in progress/not accessible right now.)
5105 Baltimore Ave
Hyattsville, MD

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