Beignets, anyone? New Hyattsville spot, BeClaws, is now open

Headed to the Hyattsville library the other day and noticed along the way that BeClaws is now open. From the looks of the lunchtime activity into and out of the place, they must be doing something right!?! I had my napping young’n with me so wasn’t a good time to stop in but I plan to, especially after taking a look at the menu: BeClaws Beignets, Vietnamese Coffee,  Abita Turbodog, Flying Blue Point Hoptical Illusion. (So, yeah – I went straight to the dessert & beer menu….) On a more serious note, they serve up a heady menu of Asian Fusion seafood, including crawfish mac & cheese, seafood gumbo, seafood jambalaya, Caj-sian seafood pho and ramen, etc.

I don’t think we have this type of cuisine in town already, do we? Have you checked BeClaws out yet? Share feedback in comments! 👏

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