Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Alex & Ani, Pandora & Kendra Scott Coming to the Mall at Prince George's

Credit: PREIT
In an earlier post here, I shared a list of the new retailers coming to the Mall at Prince George's. Well, here are three more stores to add to the lineup: Alex and Ani, Pandora and Kendra Scott.  If you're not familiar with these stores, they all sell fun, modern and affordable jewelry and accessories. You've probably seen the Alex and Ani bracelets and bangles around town (kind of like a modern charm bracelet). Likewise with Pandora (jewelry that you can personalize with charms, etc.)  Kendra Scott's jewelry is a wee bit on the fancier though still affordable side.  Lots of druzy, which I love. Are you listening, Route One Hubs? 😆  Cool to have more places to shop in the area! 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Explore The Laurel Library's Children's Room (Dinosaurs, Books, Toys & more)!

Highly recommend checking out the Laurel Library if you have not done so since its reopening almost a year ago.  Why?  Because its children's room is OFF THE CHAIN and a visit will give you a sneak peek into what the forthcoming renovated Hyattsville Library will look like as its renovations are being done by the same design firm.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Check out the New Little Free Library in University Park!

Thanks to the University Park Civic Association, University Park now has a new Little Free Library directly across from its Tot Lot! 👏 (If you're not familiar - A Little Free Library is a "take a book, return a book" free book exchange.) I'm thrilled and grateful that they installed a LFL here as they really do help instill a sense of community and inspire a new generation of book lovers.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Kids' Weekend Guide: Oct. 27th-29th

It's Halloween weekend so there are a ton of fun, local free things to do with the young'ns, as well as non-spooky events to explore, too (marching band showcase or Kids' Euro Fest, anyone?!). Hepe you enjoy this guide and share Route One Fun with many ghosts and goblins this weekend!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Adults' Weekend Guide: Oct. 26th-29th

Reception and Party, Saturday at ReCreative Spaces!
Art by Steve Artley + Carolyn Belefski
This weekend's lineup proves that Halloween is for all the ages! Come to Final Friday Art Walk in costume (or not!), maybe a Halloween Barre Class? Opening and party for Cartoonists Draw Blood! Hella Scary party and film screening & more, all this weekend.  See you around!

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Friday plans? Here you go: Music, Art, Small Biz + Fab Neighbors at Final Friday Art Walk!

Remember that post I wrote last month about the eye candy galore happening all along Route 1 in downtown Hyattsville, well - things are getting even sweeter with some eye and ear and belly and headspace and all types of actual candy happening along Route 1 this Friday at the SoHy Collective's inaugural Final Friday Art Walk!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Live Music & Porch-Hoppin' in Mt. Rainier!

Singer-Songwriter Sam McCormally & Musician Maureen Andary  
Checked out Mt. Rainier's Intentional Blackout Porch Night this past Saturday. As you wise ones can deduce from the name, this was an afternoon-into-evening filled with live music performed by musicians local to Mt. Rainier, Maryland. Over nine different sets played for about thirty minutes on the porch of people's homes (sometimes their own porch, sometimes a bud's porch).

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Kids' Weekend Guide: Oct. 20th-22nd

Masking Making Party & more fun ideas, below!
Kicking off this weekend a little early as many folks with PGCPS students are off on Friday! :) or :(
Weekend fun includes the American Indian Festival, Calabash Carnage Pumpkin Carving, Gateway Park Fall Festival, Mask Making Party & more, all below!

While you're at it, check out Route One Fun's Guide to Spooktacular Ways to Celebrate Halloween!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Adults' Weekend Guide: Oct. 19th-22nd

Check out the work of artist Chadwick Tolley at Pyramid this weekend! 
From a harmonica workshop to hip hop yoga to Chadwick Tolley's fantastic exhibit at Pyramid to Vigilante's Halloween party to a Funkyard Festival to a spoken word/hip hop/theatre and live instrumentation tribute to women, we've got it all here, along Route 1 this weekend!

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School's Out this Friday! Activities & Playgrounds Await Your Exploration!

School's out this Friday (10/20/17) for PGCPS students! Here are my recommendations for free/low cost, kid-friendly things to do and explore along Route 1 (and some beyond) on this fine day! :)

Gametime at Board & Brew (All ages but best for 5+ crowd)
With over 500 board games including Operation, Perfection, Hungry Hippos, etc., you'll easily eat up an hour or two of a cold, winter recess day!  Speaking of eating up, they also have a good menu of kid-friendly options. And for my fellow coffee afficionados, they rotate between Ceremony, Mad Cap and Counter Culture coffee - so you'll be sure to get a tasty, quality brew while you're there! 
When: Opens at 7 am
Where: 8150 Baltimore Ave, College Park Cost: $2.50 p/p for games + the cost of whatever you may order from menu.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sneak Peek Inside MOD Pizza, Riverdale Park (Opening Soon!)

Opening this Friday (10/20)!
This lady here got a sneak peek at the new MOD Pizza in Riverdale Park! Before I get into the pics, know that MOD Pizza's schtick is that you can get an individual, artisan-style, brick oven baked pizza covered or lightly sprinkled with any amount of over 30 toppings for one price and at lightning speed (ditto with salad). I love pizza.  As in, desert-island-what-food-would-you-bring depth of love. Me and the fam have enjoyed many of the pizza places in our neck of the woods and are looking forward to checking out another - especially with this fun twist of any toppings/same price.

New Colorful Mural Adorns Hyattsville's Ballet, Tap and All that Jazz

More beauty to adore along Hyattsville's Route 1! Check out the new mural framing the entry to Ballet, Tap and All that Jazz! Ballet dancers of the pastel and then some variety catch your eye and definitely brighten up the spot. Just one more thing to love about where we live! 👏

I caught up with the artist, Nancy Ramsey, as she was doing her thang this past Sunday. Nancy hails from Alexandria, VA, but we won't hold that against her. 😄

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Coming Soon to Hyattsville: Goshen, a raw, vegan, juice & food spot

Exciting news: We'll soon have a new raw, vegan spot to check out in Hyattsville! Goshen, a self-described "healthy lifestyle bodega" is due to open up over the next two weeks! (It's on the same strip as Franklins.) Purdy excited about this development. I'd heard that they have/had a spot in Union Market, but we hadn't yet checked it out. Now, we can just walk down the street. Whoop, whoop!

Not sure what the menu will be, but if past is prologue, might range from live ravioli made from young coconut meat and stuffed with mushrooms and olives to asparagis nori rolls to molasses macaroons to live/raw tiramisu.  Sign me up! Between this place and Mt. Rainier's organic juice bar, The Waterhole, we're some lucky ducks!

Have you tried Goshen before? What are your local go-to raw/vegan/vegetarian spots you'd recommend?

Goshen (Hyperlinked but their site seems to be in progress/not accessible right now.)
5105 Baltimore Ave
Hyattsville, MD

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kids' Weekend Guide: Oct. 13th-15th

Touch-a-Truck (or bus!) is this weekend!
Got activities to check off all your boxes! Like Touch-a-Truck Family Festival, Kids' Capoeira Angola Class, Hyattsville's Zombie Run, Greenbelt's Fall Fest & more!

While you're at it, check out Route One Fun's Spooktacular Guide to Halloween Fun Along Route One!
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** ICYMI: I checked out Bouncing Bambini's Strong Mama class. Read what to expect, here

Spooktacular Ways to Celebrate Halloween Along Route One!

Check out Route One Fun's spooktacular guide to the many fun, free or low-cost Halloween events we've got going along Route One (and some a bit yonder) throughout October! Check out a couple of them and get your money's worth out of that costume! Happy Halloween, Route 1!  :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Adults' Weekend Guide: Oct. 12th -15th

Grammy-winning Don Flemons at Brentwood Arts
Exchange this Friday! 📷 Credit: M-NCPPC
Catch local troubadours Paint Branch Creek at Robert Harper Books, Grammy winner Don Flemons at Brentwood Arts Exchange, Jazzfest at New Deal Cafe, Arts Works' Come As You Art Fundraiser, Hyattsville's Zombie Run, Dracula at Otis Street Arts Project, Hyattsville Music Fest at Polka Dot Park & more, all in Route One Fun's Adults' Weekend Guide! 

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** ICYMI: I checked out Bouncing Bambini's Strong Mama class. Read what to expect, here

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Upcoming Community Rummage & Yards Sales along Route One!

Here's a list of upcoming, local events where you can get a great variety of gently used kids' & adults' clothing, baby items, toys, maternity wear and kids gear for very little or, in the case of HY-Swap, free! Missing any sales? Enter info in comments and I'll update this post with the deets! 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Beignets, anyone? New Hyattsville spot, BeClaws, is now open

Headed to the Hyattsville library the other day and noticed along the way that BeClaws is now open. From the looks of the lunchtime activity into and out of the place, they must be doing something right!?! I had my napping young'n with me so wasn't a good time to stop in but I plan to, especially after taking a look at the menu: BeClaws Beignets, Vietnamese Coffee,  Abita Turbodog, Flying Blue Point Hoptical Illusion. (So, yeah - I went straight to the dessert & beer menu....) On a more serious note, they serve up a heady menu of Asian Fusion seafood, including crawfish mac & cheese, seafood gumbo, seafood jambalaya, Caj-sian seafood pho and ramen, etc.

I don't think we have this type of cuisine in town already, do we? Have you checked BeClaws out yet? Share feedback in comments! 👏

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Kids' Weekend Guide: Oct 6-8th

Another fabulous, kid-friendly weekend lineup, Route 1! 👏 College Park Day, Mt. Rainier Elementary's Fall Festival, Open Gym, University Park Children's Clothing Co-op Sale, Riverdale Park Day, and many events for the 10-17 year old crowd in this edition, too! :)

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Adults' Weekend Guide: Oct. 5th-8th

This weekend's got you thinking about: Roustabouts CD Release Party, Rated Pg Black Arts Festival, Rafael's Race, Riverdale Park Day, CROWD FUN.ded: A pARTy Series, College Park Day, Clean Comedy Show & more!

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Local Tourist: Sis' Tavern / Baby Dee's & Duke Ellington in North Brentwood

I love exploring what's right in our own proverbial and literal backyards. An expert daydreamer, I love wondering about the story behind XYZ and err on the side of trusting that everyone/thing has a story to tell, if given the time to share. Anyhoo - I'm not particularly articulate today so not about to delve further into the hows or whys of it all, just to share that if you look up "local tourist" in Funk & Wagnalls, my picture would be there. And if you don't know what Funk & Wagnalls is, ask a friend.  A much older one.