Community Forklift’s First Fridays


On the first Friday of each month over the summer from 6-8pm, Community Forklift stays open late to throw a party for those adventurous enough to answer its invitation (read: you and me and everybody)!  If you’re not familiar with Community Forklift yet, know that it’s an awesomely huge warehouse of salvaged building materials.  By accepting donations of unwanted building materials, they keep tons of materials out of landfill and their Home Essentials Program provides free building materials, appliances, furniture and more to local families in need.  Likewise, many of their goods have fantastic vintage flair, so also a treat to explore the aisles and get inspiration on fun, new ways to renovate and style your nest.

What to Expect at Community Forklift’s First Fridays
After you make you way up/down the winding ways of Tanglewood Drive, you’ll find Community Forklift on the right and a convenient parking lot on the left.  Of course, if you’re coming from the opposite direction, just reverse these instructions. You’re welcome! 🙂  As you walk up the path, you’ll likely see a bunch of folks, gathered by the tables in the center, tapping their toes along to the music, munching away on grub from the food truck, inhaling delish craft beer & chatting away about this, that and the other.  And this is exactly what I love about these types of casual affairs and our community: so many chances to strike up conversations with folks, meet new neighbors and explore the works of local artists in a delightfully unique and welcoming setting.



Kids Activities 
My kids like to explore CF and let the huge floor fan blow their cheeks out….I also usually get about 5 minutes break when they pick up the chalk and do their thing on the sidewalk.  When they can, CF also provides some type of kid-friendly entertainment, like the strolling magician that’s going to be there this July 7th.  Point being, while I’d describe CF’s First Fridays as tipping more on the adult-y side of the scales, your kids will indeed be welcome here and there’s enough going on to keep their attention so that you can enjoy yourself (all things being relative…)!



Testing floor models…

Pop-up Market with Goods by Local Artists

Variety of cool, unique paintings, jewelry and assorted goods made by local artists.

Live Music
Enjoy the sounds of some live music while chatting away about the latest news.  Genres vary from jazz to bluegrass to everything in between.  Last month’s band was Jackson, Oziel & Moss with their blues, rhythm and roots music.  This month’s band is the Ron Hicks Project.
Craft Beer

Town Center Market hosts a pop-up bar inside, selling a selection of delicious craft beers. Just don’t let you kids act out like mine after they were carded…. 🙂


Food a la Food Truck

In case you’re hungry, there’s a local food truck just waiting to fill that tum!  Last month’s truck was Spud Nation.  This month is Honey’s Empanadas!

So go.  Have some fun.  Check out a fun, local event thrown for our local enjoyment by a great, local business.  If we see you there, you’re welcome to buy me a beer.  You know, for old times’ sake.  And for droppin’ this knowledge on you! 😂


Community Forklift
4671 Tanglewood Drive
Edmonston, MD 20781
(301) 985-5180


Extra Extra! 

** Turns out, Community Forklift is in the running for the Ebay Shine Awards.  If they win, they’ll get up to $10,000 to aid in furtherance of their awesome, community-driven mission.  Here’s a bit from their site (if so inclined, do what you can to vote & help out!):


Community Forklift was selected from among 2,400 small businesses nationwide to be a semi-finalist in the Best Charitable Business category for the eBay Shine Awards. This is an online contest where individuals (that’s you!) vote for the winner.

Vote here:

YOU CAN VOTE once per day EVERY DAY starting today (June 26th) through July 14th.

If we win, we’ll get up to $10,000 for our nonprofit, a photo shoot, and a makeover of our eBay site to get our unique, salvaged goods to a broader audience. This would be amazing! It would help us do more good here in the DC region: keep more good stuff out of the landfill, create more green jobs, and provide more low-cost and free materials to local nonprofits and neighbors in need. Please take a few seconds to help us win this!

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